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Friday, 19 Dec 2014


Guest blogger; Reed Kessler

Guest blogger; Reed Kessler

The US superstar Reed Kessler will be our guest blogger from the Gucci Paris Masters, where she has her London-partner Cylana and Ligist - aka Goose - with her.

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My horses jumped incredibly, and I'm really happy!

Monday, 03 December 2012 01:27 Published in Guests

So sad that today was our last day at the most beautiful show in the world! I woke up early to school Cylana through a combination to slow her down after last night's jumpoff. She was much more settled after all the big jumping. Then I went back to the hotel to go to the gym and pack. I headed back to catch the jumpoff of the 2 star and prepare for the Grand Prix. It was very big and very difficult! Conrad certainly built some maniacal courses this week.


The first rider retired, the second fell, and it took about 12 riders until Janika showed us how to do it with the first clear round. I was clear all the way until the end when I lightly clipped the back rail of A of the last triple and luck was not with me! Then trying to be the fastest 4 faulter because there was only 1 clear I cut to the last jump a little and had that down too. I was so mad I had the last rail because 4 faults finishe din the top 10, I was quite fast already and could have taken more time home. Despite the heartbreak at the end of the course, she jumped beautifully! Big congrats to Marc, Denis, and Doda who really put on a show in the jumpoff. I wish I could have joined them!


I couldn't be happier with how this week has gone! My horses jumped incredibly and I'm really happy with how competitive I've been in every class with the best riders present. I've jumped so many clear rounds this year I've ben working really hard to now also be the winner and the fastest! I ended up the 5th best rider- not bad with the best 40 riders of the world here!


After Stacey and the horses were packed up and on their way back to Chantilly, my parents and I headed into Paris. Tomorrow we will have a fun day in the city. My mom was really jealous of the great shopping I had earlier in the week and so most likely she will be doing the same! Next week we have Geneva so wish us luck! I've really enjoyed being the guest blogger this week, I hope you've enjoyed it too!



Girls at the Galla!

Sunday, 02 December 2012 10:33 Published in Guests

Cylana could not have jumped better!

Sunday, 02 December 2012 10:24 Published in Guests

Another fantastic day here at the gucci masters! I started the day flatting goose before his 1.50 jumpoff class. He jumped really well but his rider was not as good! After going so fast the night before he was very game and looking to be just as fast and I did not do enough to slow him down and keep him straight so I had 2 down. But he was very good and was such a star this week! After I flatted Cylana who is still very fresh! The crowd was coming out of the stands and there was a huge atmosphere around the schooling area and she was very playful.


Then we had a nice break because the Gucci by Gucci Battle of the Sexes was not until 10:15. After a nice nap, I headed back to the show to first watch the Amade style class. It was so fun- our favorite was definitely thierry rozier who was dressed like some kind of caveman. He was hilarious, really has to be seen to comprehend the level of hilarity that ensued.


We had our dramatic introduction, the girls team vs the boys! I very plainly pointed out to the announcer prior to the class that the boys simply had no chance! Although Christian won, the women definitely dominated. I think 7 of the 10 in the jumpoff were female! Cylana jumped a beautiful clear round and then it was time for the jumpoff! It was a winning round class and unfortunately the kind that everyone starts clean again in the jumpoff. So you can still be beat by people who didn't jump clean in the first round, not my favorite format but oh well it is the same for everyone!


I was super fast but had A of the tricky combination down. I really took a shot because Christian was leading and was so fast. I was only 2 hundredths of a second slower and I think maybe if I was still clean I could have even been faster! I'm really happy, I've been working hard to improve on my turns in the jumpoffs/speeds and it has really paid off this week! Cylana could not have jumped better and she was very pleased with herself. I finished 5th in the end behind Christian, Edwina, Janika, and Luciana.


After finishing up in the barn and having a quick chat with friends it was off to bed relatively early (as the night classes end so late here!) because tomorrow is a big day! I'm going to school cylana at 8 am over a combination to slow her down again after our fast jumpoff tonight! Wish us luck tomorrow in the grand prix!!



Press conference

Saturday, 01 December 2012 10:31 Published in Guests

More from the Galla

Saturday, 01 December 2012 10:29 Published in Guests

Jessica and me at the Galla Thursday.

2 watches in 1 month!!!!

Saturday, 01 December 2012 10:24 Published in Guests

We had a great day here in Paris! One of the upsides of the European schedule is that we get to sleep in a bit! After I woke up I had a trip to the gym and then went to ride around noon. My parents flew in from the states and were very excited to be here! Cylana was very fresh but after a good flat she felt relaxed and ready. Goose felt really good too. Then I met up with the world of show jumping team for an interview. After cheering on my fellow americans in the 2 star, I headed back to the hotel to change.

I came back to the show to walk the 1.55 battle of the sexes class. I had a great draw and went 28th. Cylana was fantastic and finished 12th- unfortunately we had a very silly rail at the second jump, a plain vertical! She has not shown since Washington so hopefully we are all back in gear now and ready for tomorrow night's battle of the sexes final! Next was the longines speed class. Goose was AMAZING! It was a really fast class and I was leading for a while. When I first came here when I did the 2 star at 16, I watched the 5 star and dreamed of sitting in the big chairs. So to sit there the whole class was so cool!

I finally finished third behind Bosty and Gregory who are the fastest riders on the planet so I was still very happy! I also won a beautiful Longines watch- so 2 watches in 1 month!!!! After I finished all the press interviews, I met Katie, Henri, and everyone else at the horse show party where we had a great time! Tomorrow is a big day- Goose has the 1.50 jumpoff class and Cylana the Battle of the Sexes- the women weren't too good today so we have to put the men in their place tomorrow! Wish me luck! :)

Photo 6

Friday, 30 November 2012 02:34 Published in Guests

Lastly a pic with the world of show jumping team!

Photo 5

Friday, 30 November 2012 02:33 Published in Guests

Jess and jack my fellow americans.

Photo 4

Friday, 30 November 2012 02:31 Published in Guests

From the gala, we had a great time!

Photo 3

Friday, 30 November 2012 02:30 Published in Guests

Edwina, kevin, penelope, steve and me at the press conference.

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