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Friday, 19 Dec 2014


The WoSJ guest blogger from the Zoetis $1 Million Dollar Grand Prix; Agatha D'Ambra

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agathaHi everybody,


I was very excited about the Zoetis $1 Million Dollar Grand Prix at HITS Saugerties, especially because it is so close to my home and farm, Trade Winds Farm in Rexford, NY. Not to mention, the show itself is run so smoothly and I was sure the event would go off without a hitch.


When I first found out I qualified for the million-dollar Grand Prix, it was one of my proudest moments, especially because it was a goal I had established for myself to accomplish for 2013. It feels amazing to have succeeded and I am truly honored to have been competing with such an elite group of athletes. It was definitely a career high for me!

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The WoSJ guest blogger from the last day at the Europeans; Rob Hoekstra

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hoekstraHi everyone,


Well, obviously we came here with the intention to do really well and I thought we had a really good team. The planning has been towards this championship, because we thought we would like to keep the momentum going that we gained from the Olympic Games. We had horses that all could jump clear rounds, I thought at the time they were selected.


I was really impressed when I saw this place, especially the arena. I thought it was a beautiful setting and to ride in a stadium like this is really nice. They struggled a little with the footing just in the beginning because it went in a little bit late I think, but it got better and better all the time.

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The WoSJ guest blogger from the European Championships in Herning; Scott Brash

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scott-bloggHi everyone,


My horse Hello Sanctos has jumped very well here at the European Championships. It was fantastic to be on top yesterday, and win the gold with the team! I was a little bit disappointed with my rail down, because I think we had a really good chance individually and now that has put me down a bit. I think I how a far less chance now, and it was something of nothing as he only touched it. So I was slightly disappointed at that – but at the same time very pleased that we could win another gold medal.

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The WoSJ guest blogger from day two at the Europeans; Jos Verlooy

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josverlooy-bloggHi everyone,

Day 2 of the European Championship has finished and Domino jumped super. He is such a scopey and nice horse, and I am very lucky to have him. We bought him from his breeder as a seven year old three years ago, and we have developed together up to this level.


We have had a very strong season. In Calgary Domino jumped very good and we were placed in many Grand Prix classes. It was still a surprise that I was chosen for the championships though. I am only 17 and I was never really thinking about going to the Europeans this year. I was just doing my thing and trying to prepare my horse for next year and the things to come. Then about a month ago I got the call that I was the reserve - a very nice surprise.

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The WoSJ guest blogger from day one at the Europeans; Victoria Gulliksen

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_K7X7282Hi everyone,


Finally we are here in Herning for the Europeans. My goal this year was the European Championships, but until two weeks ago it didn’t look like I would make it. Then one of the team members broke his arm, and suddenly I got a ticket to Herning after all. I felt really sorry for Dag Ove and his team. They had a good season, but that only proves how fast thing change in this sport. It was only last night, that I knew that I actually would be riding. So for me my first senior European Championships came a little more unprepared than one would like. But hey - I ‘m here and I will do my very best!

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - bye bye Dublin!

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gooseGoose coming out of the prize giving of the speed final.Well true to form, I was saving it for the last day! This morning didn't start out so great though- the shuttle driver almost rear ended someone and hit the brakes leading to scalding hot coffee being spilled all over me. I had to go change but the day got better after that!

After I rode everyone it was time for the speed final. It was a really fast class won by Shane Breen. I finished third with Goose and he jumped really well! Next up was the Grand Prix which looked big enough and long. It was a dramatic class with a couple of big spills but also in the end 10 clear rounds, exactly how many were brought back for the second round. Beezie and I went one after the other both clean and were the only two clean from the U.S. team. Cylana jumped beautifully and I was really happy with how she went. In the jumpoff I went 4th and tried to do a really really ambitious leave-out that maybe wasn't such a good plan. Oh well, no guts no glory! I finished 8th, Beezie finished 4th, and Cian won for Ireland on home ground which was really fun for the crowd.

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - I haven't laughed so hard in a long time

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IMG_0638The puissance.Ok I'm having a bit of a 4 fault show and I'm hoping it is going to change tomorrow! Soraya was really fast in the speed this morning but had a fault at the wall and no clean round for Goose either in the big class. The horses have all gone well all week so hopefully we can put it together tomorrow! The Americans won both classes - Mclain won the speed and Kent won the the big class!


After we were finished for the day, my two grooms here, Stacey and Anna, went to the Alessandro/ Horseware booth where they were treated to some really nice clothes. What a lovely sponsor to give things not just for me but for my whole team :)

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - some of the best atmosphere I've ever seen

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crowdHuge crowd for the nations cup.Yesterday was a very quiet day for me as I was the 5th on the team this week. I had an easy morning and flatted the three horses at 9. I rode nice and early so that my head girl, Stacey, got to spend the rest of the day with her family who flew in to see her. I was happy to finally meet them because we love miss Stacey and it was no surprise her parents are just as lovely as she is! After I finished, I headed back to the hotel and hit the gym. It is really rare I have a day without showing- it was so strange heading back for the nations cup in normal clothes!

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - considerably less exciting than yesterday!

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poniesWatching the ponies- they jump so much bigger here than in America.Today was considerably less exciting than yesterday! The first class wasn't until 1:30 so I had a slow morning sleeping in and then hitting the gym. Meredith was there too - strong tiny women were working hard this am! I headed out to ride around 10. All the horses were good and I decided to shock Henri by voluntarily surrendering my stirrups on Goose. 


First class was Soraya's speed derby. It was quite different with a bounce-bounce up the banks onto the hill over a vertical then down a hill - I thought it would cause some problems but pretty much everyone did it fine. I tried to go through the splash and caught Soraya by surprise and she did not want to go in so I tried to go as fast as I could to the option after and finished ok. I think in the end I was 11th but it was a bummer because I was really fast until then! Goose did the big speed and was also quite fast but with one down. I finished around 15th which I hope will be enough to qualify me for the grand prix as I'm not on the team this week! I will be cheering on Kent, Beezie, Mclain, and Katie tomorrow and I have the day off from showing! 
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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - the day started out not as expected!

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photoToo funny not to share...Well today started out definitely not as we all expected! At 5 am the fire alarm went off and everyone evacuated the hotel. As everyone on my floor seemed quite urgent I immediately threw on a sweatshirt and sneakers and rushed downstairs to realize upon arrival that I was wearing kind of a small nighty... We waited outside for 45 minutes and I saw that many people took the time to do their hair, put on a full outfit, a jacket, etc and I looked like a little chihuahua shivering in my pajamas and being made fun of! I wasn't sure if I should share the pics Sophie and the boys took but I have a pretty good sense of humor and honestly it's just too funny not to share! After 45 mins they let us back in- it turned out that their was a small explosion with Robert Splaine's mini fridge. Must be some kind of new tactic to wear out the the other nations!

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - super excited to be here

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ticketOff to Dublin!Hello World of Show Jumping fans! I'm very happy to be back as the guest blogger for this week's show here in Dublin! I'm super excited to be here as everyone has told me it is one of their favorite shows ever AND my mom is almost entirely Irish on her side of the family so it is cool to see where we came from!


We had a good show last week in Hickstead as the U.S. team finished 2nd in the nations cup behind Germany. I jumped a clean first round and Beezie was amazing as usual turning in a beautiful double clear with Cortes. I had a silly rail at the triple bar in the grand prix and then had the next jump related after which was a shame because there were so few clean and she jumped beautifully until then. Big congrats to Ben, Sophie, and Daley for the win! I can't forget to mention Goose who was also really good in all the speeds and was 3rd the first day.

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Rolf-Göran Bengtsson

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rolf-quintero-askRolf and Quintero Ask in action. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.We surely didn't have luck on our side this weekend. Today Quintero Ask and I were clear on the fences in the Grand Prix, but ended with one time fault. It was before and after the combination at number three that I lost the time. Quintero Ask has jumped really good the whole weekend, but in every class there has been something in the way of ending with a great results - a stupid fault in the Longines Global Champions Tour GP and today an annoying time fault.

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Rolf-Göran Bengtsson

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rolf-q-bloggPhoto by Jenny Abrahamsson.Quintero Ask jumped nice in the GCT yesterday here in Wiesbaden. It was his first outdoor show of the season, and his last show was the World Cup final – so he did really well. Unfortunately for me it was too many clears in the first round. Faults are always stupid, but my fault in the second round was really stupid. But I must say that it is very nice to feel how motivated he is. When I'm on the warm-up he just wants go to the main arena and is always drawn in that direction.


As there is a bit of gap between Casall Ask and Quintero Ask down to the rest of the horses, I only have Quintero Ask with me here in Wiesbaden. Clarimo is my third horse at the moment, but he is not ready to go such a big class as the Riders Tour - it is too early for him. Clarimo will go to Copenhagen and if he is good in the first classes he might do the Nations Cup there.

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The WoSJ Guest blogger; Sergio Alvarez Moya - We'll be back!

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sergio-bloggYesterday was a day off from the finals and I went with my family to the funfair in Gothenburg. The weather was not that good, but we did see the sun at some point and tried some of the carousels. In the evening I rode the Grand Prix with Wisconsin. He jumped really good, but the luck is not quite on my side this weekend and I had one fence down as well as one time penalty. Then I just had to wait for the final day to begin!


Carlo has jumped really well the entire weekend, but again the luck has not been on my side this weekend and you really need the luck to make it in a championship like this. Today in the first round it was a shit mistake. The pole might as well have stayed in the cup and then I would have won! That’s how close this race is. I am very happy with Carlo though. The clear in the second round was super super. We’ll come back!

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The WoSJ Guest blogger; Sergio Alvarez Moya - Good but too far away?

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sergio-carlo-gbg-bloggUnfortunatley one down for Sergio and Carlo in Gothenburg today. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.I had another nice day with my family in Gothenburg today. We went for a walk in the city before I watched the 1.50 class. I also jogged Carlo a little at 4, and then the world cup started at 6 pm. The class had many clears. In my opinion maybe a bit too many clears to be a world cup final. Carlo was jumping very good, and I am a bit mad with myself for having four faults as I think it was my mistake. I went a bit too flat on the brown oxer and that was it. The rest was good, but unfortunately I think we are a bit too far from the top three on Sunday.

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