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Monday, 21 Apr 2014


The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - covered on the speed front!

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photo-1Reed and Bosti pair upDay 3 in Paris- I have very mixed motions about today- I was the fastest in both classes- by quite a big margin in the first- but had rails!


To be the fastest against the top 30 is quite an accomplishment but to be so close to glory and have a rail at the end is so annoying!!! No one was touching Hansi's time in the first speed of 54 seconds- I was 2 seconds faster but a bit too fast into the combination at the very end!! In the pairs class Bosty and I were both very fast but I had the last jump down. If I can just jump clean tomorrow I will be a very happy girl because I think I'm covered on the speed front...

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - transitioning back into an indoor arena!

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photo-5Show timeDay two was what I would call our introduction back into "indoors". I think most of us who have been competing outside, specifically in the huge ring in Wellington, had a difficult enough first day transitioning back into an indoor arena, especially a very small indoor arena!


I jogged my two horses first thing then rode in the ring with the Cadre Noir- I tried to copy but their flatwork is better than mine I think.... The first class was a 1.45 2 phase not world ranking so most people used it to school. I was going to try anyways with Goose but I had an early rail and so I schooled and then pulled up after the first phase to save him for the rest of the more important classes.


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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - a scary moment, a woman on a mission & Saut Hermés!

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sauthermesSaut Hermes!Hi everyone!!!


It is a pleasure to be the World of Show Jumping blogger again for this week's Saut Hermes at the Grand Palais in the heart of Paris! My horses, Cylana and Ligist, shipped over last week and I flew over Sunday night. We spent a few days in Chantilly at Fursan's farm which was lovely. However there was one scary moment where a couple stallions broke out of their stalls in the middle of the night and came for Cylana. Unfortunately for them, they picked the wrong mare! If you know anything about her personality, you know that she is not afraid to express her dislike for behavior that does not suit her and that those two stallions ended up sincerely regretting bothering her.... She however is in beautiful shape! In fact, I think she quite enjoyed getting to take her rage out on someone/something without being yelled at... At any rate everyone was very lucky because these things happen and it could have been far worse!

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Alison Prescott - part four

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katieKatie McVean with Leopoldo Palaccio and top trainer Jeff McVean.Hi !! The show has finished and it was an honour to be part if it. We didn't win the GP but we came out guns blazing for Speed Horse of the Year. First up was Zara ( Zehrenland) but a rail added to our score amazingly she was so fast she went into the lead anyway (time added)... Katie made a quick call to Emma to throw a bridle in Zoe (Zasjany); "Do you want a saddle?" Was Emma's reply!! Haha rush to the ring with dust and all Zoe jumped and turned didn't miss a beat finished in first place - clean fast and clear!! What a super pony she was on fire!

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Alison Prescott - part three

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allaTeam McVean minus Katie... L to R ....Yours truly, head groom Helen, Emma , Veteran australian Olympic rider Jeff McVean, and Vicki McVean, (Katie's Mum).Day 5 of the Horse of the Year show in Hastings New Zealand and the champions sashes are merrily decorating the Team McVean headquarters.


Last night the big class also incorporated a team competition between Australia and New Zealand. As usual there were a lot of starters but only one double clear, we had 3 horses in the class and our best finishing score was 9 faults. That earned Katie 6th place but Australia won the test match convincingly.

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Alison Prescott - part two

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photoBreeze and Banderas having a sneaky lie in.Hi from down under!! Today was an awesome day by anyone's standards I'm not sure if it has been matched or equaled but to be part of it was very special! We had the lady rider of the year class here in New Zealand and Katie had 4 runners.... There were plenty of contenders for the class.. The course was set the sun shone shone and the riders warmed up their mounts....about 60 lady riders from New Zealand plus the Aussie squad tackled the challengeing course but only one girl... The Golden Girl was able to jump clear. Not only one horse but on three out of her four rides Miss McVean showed us why she is the Kiwi Queen and no one could question her skill... She produced the only 3 clears in the class!! It was an incredible result and another super 1st place for Springfield being the fastest clear she didn't go into a jump off against ourselves haha that would have been funny!

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Alison Prescott - part one

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photo-4Our big winner!! Lovely Springfield with his beautiful sashes and ribbons.A few days ago I flew 12000 miles across the continents to surprise my daughter Emma who is working in New Zealand for Katie McVean. A few weeks ago I got a lovely invitation from her father Jeff for me to come to Horse Of the Year Show here in Hastings in the south east of the North Island and after 3 days of flying and 5 hours driving I finally arrived at the showgrounds. Emma got the absolute shock of her life when she found me standing at the truck..... her jaw actually dropped she was speechless but very very happy!

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Cian O'Connor

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Dublin 2011_-_Splendor_Post_Box_ Hi Everyone,


It is now the end of week 8 of the 12 week tour at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida. This weekend is always a special one as the show makes a fantastic effort for the Nations Cup and all the people from various nationalities, who work in the industry here, gather to support their team. Surprisingly the weather has turned a little cold and while most are wrapped up as if they were skiing in the Alps, I think the horses are appreciating the break from the scorching sun!


I arrived here three weeks ago so my horses are feeling good and I am getting used to some of my new rides. The Nations Cup is without doubt my favourite competition and one that I generally aim to do well in. I think it's the greatest honour to be part of the national team in whatever sport you are in and there is always a feeling that you want to do your best not only for yourself but mostly for your team mates. We had quite a strong team on paper but the Americans were always going to be hard to beat as this is there Nations Cup and also a leg of the Furusiyya Nations Cup league for which they will ultimately want to qualify for the final.

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - part four

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reedcarlyAll bundled up!Today was the last day of sowing for week 6 of WEF and thank goodness because I definitely did not have my best week of the circuit! My mom did the mediums for the first time this morning and was really good. She had one down on each but was really happy to do her biggest course so nicely! After that I rode in FEI which took a while because Mika was quite fresh as it was so incredibly cold! Then I headed home to ride a couple. I played over a course of really small jumps with Wolf which was fun. He is so much quality in his jump but he can sometimes be a bit difficult to turn so I practiced some short turns and my dad made up some mini jump-offs for me. It is so fun to have parents who have ridden their whole lives because we can give each other input when we are at home and they really understand what is going on with all of my horses.

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - part four

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reedcylanaCylana's usual expression in the barn...Today was a pretty easy day as I only had the night class. Finally it stopped raining during the day! My mom went in the grand prix ring in the medium amateurs and rode really well. She was clear on one horse and had one down on her new horse so she was very happy. She does the medium classic tomorrow for the first time so she is very excited!

After cheering on mom, I rode the horses in FEI. Onisha was quite fresh and Cylana pretended to be super tired but I knew that later under the lights she would be crazy. She has French trotter in her bloodlines and when she is fresh she almost hits her face with her knees they are so high!

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - part three

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nicolaNicola made cupcakes!The rain just won't stop!!! It was another stormy day here in Wellington. Carly had to stay at home the whole day yesterday so I brought her up to the ring with me all bundled up in her raincoat- I can't get anywhere quickly because every person that sees her has to come play with her and tell me how adorable she is etc. I am no longer my own person, I'm just Carly's mom! I started the day with Katie's homebred mare Quality in the 1.35. She jumped really well and Katie was very happy with her. I think she will move up to the 1.40 soon and into the international ring. My Dad rode my old junior horse Flight in the masters and won (big surprise...). It is the cutest thing to watch!

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - part two

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soroya-daphneSoraya and Daphne up at the ring- it already looks like it is going to rain a lot!I shouldn't have said yesterday was a long day because today was even longer! I started the day with the 1.45 national class. Wolf was fantastic and jumped double clear and finished third. Soraya also went super but had A and B of the last double, I'm still very happy with her it was a very light rub. After about 10:00 it started to rain like nothing you have ever seen before. It was so bad Katie decided to scratch Quality and Redwhite so then I had to wait for the WEF.


There were 93 in the class and I was supposed to go 77th and 89th. Although the rain let up for a while, when I got on about 10 out the weather turned really bad. There were tornado warnings, the sky went completely black, it began to pour rain, and the thunder and lightning was quite scary! It was so dark at 4 in the afternoon that they had to turn on the lights. They ended up canceling the class because the weather was too bad and the footing wasn't holding up. It was not such a good class- a long time waiting around for nothing! Cylana was not impressed by the weather and was quite happy she didn't have to jump!

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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - part one

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sorayaSoraya and Cylana next to each other- they are cousins and both out of mares by Skippy. Hi everybody! I'm very happy to be back as guest blogger. WEF is just starting to heat up as we have our first week above 2 star finally! I will do Cylana in the World Cup and Onisha and Mika in the other ranking classes.


Wednesdays and Thursdays are always the craziest here at WEF because there are so many classes in so many rings. It was also incredibly hot today but I doubt we will get much sympathy as most of your are probably in freezing cold weather and for that I'm very sorry!

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