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Germany rode to victory in the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup in Rotterdam

Friday, 21 June 2013

The winning German team in Rotterdam. Photos by Jenny Abrahamsson.It was the 15th time and the third time in a row that Germany ended as winners in the Nations Cup in Rotterdam. Today the German team won with only one time penalty ahead of the US team, and it was the legend Ludger Beerbaum as the very last rider that decided the result. Christian Ahlmann and Taloubet Z (Galoubet A x Polydor) also contributed with four faults in the first round, and then a clear in the second while Hans-Dieter Dreher on Embassy II (Escudo I x Silvio I) had a single time penalty in the first round and then 9 penalties in the second round. Both Team Beerbaum riders - Philipp Weishaupt on Monte Bellini (Montender x Ramiro) and Ludger Beerbaum on Chiara (Contender x Coronado) left the fences intact, Philipp double clear while his boss had one and two time penalties respectively.

The time allowed was the biggest challenge for the riders in Friday's Nations Cup. As many as 20 riders had a time fault in the first round, while 16 got faults caused by the time in the second round. America was the team that handled the time allowed best and on the US team it was only Lauren Hough on Quick Study (Quick Star x What A Joy) who got one time fault in the second round, while all the riders from Belgium got time faults in both rounds.

Ludger Beerbaum and Chiara sealed the deal for Germany. After the first round Germany was in the lead with two penalties ahead of the US who was on four faults. Then there was three teams on five faults - France, Switzerland and Spain. All through the second round it was a battle between Germany, the US and France. Kevin Staut and Silvana HDC (Corland x Widor), who was the last pair for France, could have secured a tied second place with the US if he would have been clear - but the open water stopped his attempt. When Ludger Beerbaum went in as the last rider he knew he needed less than three faults to win for Germany. If he would end up on three penalties it would be a jump-off between Germany and the US for the victory. Ludger took his time and ended the course with two time faults which secured the win for Germany!

Philipp Weishaupt and Monte Bellini were double clear for Germany. Only three riders managed to do a double clear in today's Nations Cup; Philipp Weishaupt on Monte Bellini, Lucy Davis on Barron (For Pleasure x Nabab de Reve) and Janika Sprunger aboard Palloubet d'Halong (Baloubet du Rouet x Muguet de Manoir).

Great Britain climbed from 7th after the first round to a fourth place after both rounds, while Spain dropped from the third position all the way down to the eight place. Individually it was Hendrik-Jan Schuttert with Cerona HS (Celano x Lord Calando) that did the biggest improvement. After five down and one time fault in the first round, he ended the second round with only five faults. Manuel Anon on the other hand had some bad luck in the second round. He ended the first round with only one time fault, but had to struggle with the triple combination in the second round and had to do a second try - that resulted in 15 faults.

The results:

1. Germany

Christian Ahlmann - Taloubet Z - (4) - 0

Hans-Dieter Dreher - Embassy II - 1 - (9)

Philipp Weishaupt - Monte Bellini - 0 - 0

Ludger Beerbaum - Chiara - 1 - 2

Total: 4 faults

2. USA

Lauren Hough - Quick Study - (8) - 1

Lucy Davis - Barron - 0 - 0

Laura Kraut - Cedrid - 4 - 0

Beezie Madden - Cortes C - 8 - (8)

3. France

Roger Yves Bost - Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois - 4 - (5)

Simon Delestre - Qlassic Bois Margot - (5) - 0

Aymeric de Ponnat - Armitages Boy - 1 - 0

Kevin Staut - Silvana HDC - 0 - 4

Click here to see the total result list.

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