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Ireland on fire in Copenhagen

Friday, 20 May 2011

Capt. David O'Brien and Annestown; double clear for the Irish team. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.Ireland’s showjumpers are on fire these days, and with Capt. David O’Brien/Annestown, Jennifer Crooks/S.F. Uryadi, Alexander Butler/Will Wimble and Dermott Lennon/Kalvinretto on the team they took home the win in todays FEI Nations Cup in the Promotional League. This was the second leg of the Promotional League, and there were 15 nations lined up to compete for the victory.

Eight teams did make it to the second round, which saw the countries starting in reversed order - Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Ireland and Sweden. Australia did a very strong first round with only three riders on the team, and for them the second round was more of an equal game as the teams were only allowed to send three riders to start. Both Sweden and Ireland were faultless going in to the second round, and Australia only had one time fault.

Jennifer Crooks and S.F. Uryadi; part of the winning team. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.Guido Hornesch with Concorde from Belgium started the second round with eight faults. He was followed by the German rider Holger Wulschner with Cefalo who didn’t look tired at all from the first round, and the couple made a clear round. The Danish public was really cheering for their first rider Linnea Ericsson on Pero-Z Hillock, but it didn’t help. The couple ended the round with 26 faults including one stop in the triple combination, and a really scary second try at that fence. Netherlands was next with Angelique Hoorn with Blauwendraad´s O´Brian that jumped excellent, and both horse and rider was really pleased when they crossed the finish line without faults. Natalia Golding from Spain rode Just Cruising round the course in a really easy way, but two poles fell to the ground on their way. Australia kicked off their second round with Wendy Schaeffer and Koyuna Sun Set and the team got a fair enough start with four faults. David O´Brian, who was clear in the first round with his gelding Annestown, put another zero after his name. Last in the first round was the stallion Casall La Silla and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson. The couple actually did an even better second round than the first, and got another clear.

Then it was time for the second rider from each team. Denmark chose to withdraw the rest of their riders, so it was only seven teams left. First to go was Donaat Brondeel on the fantastic stallion Breemeersen Adorado who fought his way through the course – but one pole fell. The experienced Thomas Voss von Germany on Carinjo got a stop in the first round, and in the second one pole fell to the ground. Next to go was Nathalie van der Mei on Valesca; the horse looked tired in this round and ended up with 16 faults. Antonio Marinas Soto with Al Capone from Spain had to see the pole fall both on number eleven and on the last element of the triple combination. Amy Graham with Bella Baloubet had to add 16 faults to their name in the second round. Ireland’s Jennifer Crooks rode beautiful on S.F. Uryadi, but had two elements of the last triple combination down. Douglas Lindelöw’s Caliando thought it was enough with one round, and started to refuse which led to the Swedish team being disqualified from the second round.

On form Alexander Butler and Will Wimble. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.Only six teams were left for the third round. Gregory Wathelet with Olympie de Villas also fell victim to the triple combination and got a pole down. Janne-Friederike Meyer on Cellagon Lambrasco from Germany got the same result as in the first round – four faults. Netherlands was next with Jur Vierling aboard VDL Emmerton, and they did another beautiful round but once again a pole fell to the ground – this time the last element in the combination. Baldo DS, the horse from Manuel Anon, started and ended the second round excellent, but in the middle two poles fell. Damian Guthrie´s Gilmore put a leg in the water, and also put down fence eight and nine. The last rider to go was Alexander Butler with Will Wimble from Ireland, and it was up to him if Ireland would win or not. The GP-winner from Lummen ended the round with four faults and that was enough to win.

Ireland won with a total score of 12 penalties ahead of Germany on 16, with Belgium and Netherlands in tied third with 24 penalties. Spain, Australia and then Denmark and Sweden followed. Dermott Lennon and Kalvinretto - clear in round one. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.

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