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Olympic silver medalist London seized

Sunday, 12 August 2012

London seen at the Olympic Games. Photo by © 2012 Ken Braddick/ Schröder’s Olympic ride London with whom he just won two Olympic silver medals, has according to several websites been seized right after the Olympic triumphs. This action has supposedly been made due to big financial problems for the former owners of the stallion, the company Eurocommerce. Apparently other Eurocommerce horses have also been seized together with London. Earlier this year several of the horses owned by Eurocommerce, including London, were sold to a company called Gevi International B.V. This company is owned by Ger Visser jr. who is the son of Ger Visser, the owner of  Eurocommerce. The bankruptcy trustee is apparently now investigating these transactions, and the seizure has been taken to make sure the horses are not sold before a final decision has been made from the authorities in Holland concerning the transfer between the companies.

Just before the weekend, change of owners were again made in FEI’s database for both London and New Orleans, as well as Callahan. All three horses are now owned by Sileste B.V.


At this point there are different reports as to where London is. Some sources say that the stallion has been temporarily placed with Ben Maher who lives just outside London, while others report that the horse is on its way back to Holland or already there. This weekend Gerco is competing at CSI2* in Valkenswaard riding several Eurocommerce horses including Callahan and New Orleans as the horses have to continue being trained.


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