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Statement from Lynch regarding the disqualification of Lantinus from CHIO Aachen

Saturday, 07 July 2012

Denis Lynch has made a statement regarding the disqualification of Lantinus from the rest of CHIO Aachen. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.Yesterday Denis Lynch’s ride Lantinus was disqualified from the rest of the CHIO Aachen due to hypersensitivity. Today, the Irish rider has made a statement regarding the disqualification. The statement reads as follows:

Following Lantinus disqualification, I‘d like to take this opportunity to clarify a number of matters regarding the disqualification [Statement continues below].

Lantinus was examined two hours prior to competing in the Nations Cup on Thursday. While a small wound on the left fore leg and an abrasion on the right hind leg sustained in the previous days’ competition were identified, these were not associated with any hypersensitivity or abnormalities in the thermographic examination. We were satisfied, therefore, for Lantinus to compete in the Nations Cup.

The Nations Cup was held in very difficult weather and the ground conditions were extremely testing. I’ve always found Aachen to be one of the most enjoyable but competitive shows on circuit and Thursday certainly proved that to be the case. Lantinus was re-examined again after competing in both rounds on Thursday and again on Friday morning at 8.30am. In summary, the areas of sensitivity highlighted above on the left forelimb and on the hind limbs had increased after Lantinus had competed. We were advised that Lantinus was now considered hypersensitive within Annex XI of FEI Veterinary Regulations and on this advice; Lantinus was disqualified by the attending FEI vets.

At no stage, was there any inference that the hypersensitivity was anything other than natural occurring. I feel this is very important to clarify and I would also like to state for the record that I fully support all measures regarding hypersensitivity implemented by the FEI.

My only concern was Lantinus’ welfare and that Lantinus would receive the veterinary attention required. I did not take the opportunity to appeal as I had no intention of Lantinus competing in any other event at Aachen other than the Nations Cup. Consequently the Veterinary commission responded by saying that the horse could now be treated effectively as it would not jump again at the event.

It is very important to state that Lantinus received no further sanction and is free to compete at the next show, should I decide. I am free to compete in Aachen in the remainder of the events also.

Unfortunate and incredibly disappointing as this disqualification of Lantinus has been for me, I am happy with the findings of the Veterinary Commission.

I can now concentrate in competing in the Grand Prix in Aachen on Sunday and look forward to doing so once again.

Denis Lynch

Source: Denis Lynch’s Facebook and Twitter accounts

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