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The Germans’ reflections over their win at Hickstead, chances for a final – and the new format

Monday, 05 August 2013

The German winning team at Hickstead. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.Otto Becker on Germany’s Nations Cup situation after St.Gallen and their now 282 points; “We made our decision about St. Gallen, and we wouldn’t complain if everything finished in a normal way – but after the second round of the Nations Cup was cancelled and the whole show was cancelled the next morning we thought we made the right decision. Now we find it quite hard that we don’t have it in our own hands to qualify for the final.

The FEI made a decions, but we are not happy with it – but we accepted it. We have to live with this; we try to be sportsmen, we try to do our best to collect as many points as possible. We were lucky to win two Nations Cups; in Rotterdam and then here – and finsihing third in Aachen. Now we look towards Dublin, and we knew from the beginnig that we needed a small wonder. The point system is in this way. We spoke after St. Gallen, and we said we would try and look forward – that’s all we can do. We still stick behind our decision from St. Gallen, in our opinion it was the right decision.”

Ludger Beerbaum on St. Gallen and the final; “The Nations Cup Final’s value is definetly higher if Germany is competing, than if not. And I think we all agree that this St. Gallen Nations Cup was not held under normal circumstances – not even the rules; just one round, no triple combination, no water jump.

We even heard that there was one federation trying to appeal the Jumping Commitees’ decision regarding that Germany still could bring only three scores in. First we didn’t understand, then we were hoping they would do it because then the whole thing would have gone to the tribunal and then in the tribunal all parties would have been involved and at least then I would be quite sure that the whole Nations Cup would have been cancelled – and then we would be here today already quailifed for the final.”

Ludger Beerbaum on the new Nations Cup format introduced for 2013; “To make a final resume is probably a little too early. Because there is for sure a few pro and cons. It was quite a drastic change from the old formula to what we have now for the public to follow. With the whole standing that nobody really understands; it's difficult to follow and in the way also a little bit confusing [in regards to the points system and scores].

I think the fact that before the last leg, and we talk not only about Europe Division 1 – we have other divisions of course – that there are three or four still that are in our out is quite something. And even the tactics now – wheter we send a strong team to Dublin or not so strong to take some points away from teams that are scoring, and even not to score points ourselves, makes it quite interesting. But to be aware of this you have to be quite into it, and I still belive that for the public that is not so close to the sport it is not so easy to follow.”

Meredith Michales-Beerbaum on the new format; “ I don’t think that it’s good that a Nations Cup has four teams that count and four teams that don’t. Even the fact that the other teams don’t count so they don’t send their best team, they don’t send their most experienced riders – the public doesn’t have any idea on what’s going on in regards to that some are sending their best team and some are sending a young team, and for some teams it counts and for some it doesn’t, so it’s completely confusing and it really takes an expert[ … ]I don’t think that’s ideal.

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