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The WoSJ guest blogger; Reed Kessler - transitioning back into an indoor arena!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Show timeDay two was what I would call our introduction back into "indoors". I think most of us who have been competing outside, specifically in the huge ring in Wellington, had a difficult enough first day transitioning back into an indoor arena, especially a very small indoor arena!

I jogged my two horses first thing then rode in the ring with the Cadre Noir- I tried to copy but their flatwork is better than mine I think.... The first class was a 1.45 2 phase not world ranking so most people used it to school. I was going to try anyways with Goose but I had an early rail and so I schooled and then pulled up after the first phase to save him for the rest of the more important classes.

Goose in his classCylana was good in the 1.50 but we had two down. In America especially we don't have big speed classes the first day like here in Europe- we ever go to a show and right from the first class go fast. As the format here is similar to the World Cup Final, Katie wanted me to practice this. i was pretty quick, I think I would have ended third or fourth if I was clean, but I had the 6th jump rollback vertical down like most people and then the next oxer which I thought wasn't really necessary but oh well! However it was a very good reminder of everything to work on switching back to an indoor ring- everything comes up very fast and all you can worry about is the front rail!

The Americans all went mostly the same after most of us being at WEF outside- Kent had a refusal at the double, Laura had one rail, etc. However I think we will be more on our game after a practice day to get back in shape indoors :)

Tomorrow is the team competition between the top 10 of the two sexes- I have been paired with Bosty who won today. Bosty is my favorite of all the people I have met coming to Europe over the years- he is so genuine, kind, and funny! I hope we make a good team tomorrow!

Catching up with LucianaAfter we finished competing I went for a run to the Louvre and back which resulted in me getting very wet from a rain storm! Then I cleaned up and was heading to the Hermes party when I got stuck in the elevator!!! I guess everyone was trying to leave and the elevator wouldn't work- I was the lucky one trapped inside... Finally after the longest 10 minutes ever they pried open the doors and I was told to use the service elevator about a mile away on the other side of the hotel. After hoofing it there in my HUGE heels (they're fabulous Prada but very difficult to walk in), a man who spoke no English at all yelled at me that I wasn't allowed to use it. In my broken English I tried to explain I was told I could because the other is totally broken but he insisted he bring me back, again a mile away to the same elevator. When he saw it was broken he started apologizing but I was quite cross and in my broken French said "J'ai dit que ce ne marche pas et tu n'ecoutes pas!!!!!!! Et j'ai shoes beacoup grande!" I know what you're thinking- wow besides being a good rider and pretty her French is fantastic!! lol ;) but in all seriousness one of the Irish young riders walked out of their room at this time and I was about to have a fit/ having one and he probably thinks I'm insane... Anyways after finally making it to the party we all had a lovely time :)

Tomorrow is Goose's speed at 1:00 and Cylana later has the pairs class!

x Reed Kessler

Hermes showing off their saddles to the public

Schooling at the Palais

Flatting Miss Cylana

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