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The WoSJ guest blogger from CHI Geneva ; Heidi Mulari - This time it's gonna be extra memorable

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Right, it's the time of year for Geneva, one of my absolutely favourite shows of the year. This time it's gonna be extra memorable (or sad) because Liisa will be retired. I arrived here Wednesday afternoon, 1 hour late from my schedule, as usual, but stil got everything done nicely before the vet-check. Roope (Carpalo) wanted to bring me back to the stables from there. It was so noisy and many things happening around the vet-check that he tought it would be better to take off and go back to his own box. The thing with him is, if he wants to take off, nobody can hold him. Let me tell you it s not even funny to sit on him when he gets scared.. Luckily he did'nt get loose and my always helpful collegues let me go first so nothing happened. Nasa and Nino were less complicated and vet-check got done in no time. Grandma Liisa didn't need to trot because she is not showing here. Think she will be very disappointed because she came off the lorry again like a winner. When I went to handwalk her later in the evening in the ring her eyes light up in a way that I was nearly in tears. She truly knew where she was, in the end she settled eating grass from the side of the ring, food has always been her priority...

Thursday morning Liisa had a busy schedule with TV and journalists. I'm such a cry baby sometimes (read always) that I nearly could'nt even get a word out of my mouth when I was supposed to answer their questions. Well, at least they got lot of emotions.. Nino and Nasa both did training rounds and were good. Nino quite fresh, but jumped super. Steve wanted to jump him again on Friday, but I told him it's not necessary. Keep your fingers crossed that I was right and he won't be too fresh.. Roope did the big class in the evening and jump nearly better than I have ever seen him jump before but 1 down.. Fast he was also.. Normally he likes big arenas so hopefully he will still do some good things this weekend.

Friday morning started a bit slow for me. I have had a flu for a week allready and it's not getting better so waking up was extra hard. Anyway I managed to longe Liisa and handwalk the others in the fresh air (freezing cold Swiss mountain air) before Eurosport came to do an interview on Liisa. She was a little disappointed that the microphone was'nt anything eatable and didn't want to comment too much about her retirement. I wonder if Nino is getting a bit worried that grandma is getting all the media coverage.. Well, he has gotten a fair deal of the attention so he should'nt be too worried. My only class was the Credit Suisse GP with Nasa. She jumped superb but 1 down. Steve was very happy with her and took the fault by saying he was too close. Maybe he was right but I think she could have fought for Steve a little more, just this one time... I had great plans to go out for party afterwards (normally very good here) but with my snotty nose and ringing ears I tought it better to go to sleep and try maybe again tomorrow.

I dont know what to expect from Saturday. Of course lot of success for Roope and Nasa but hardest for me will be later on with Liisa's retirement ceremony. Luckily my faithful collegue Mari will also be coming here so we can somehow support each other and get it done with together! For the other horses I hope we will find again the "Geneva Magic" we have always had here and get some good results!


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