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The WoSJ show review; Angelica Augustsson on Kingsland Oslo Horse Show

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

In our first show review of the indoor season, we speak with Swedish rider Angelica Augustsson about Kingsland Oslo Horse Show and her weekend in the Norwegian capital – which turned out to be very successful!

“Already arriving at the show I felt welcome! I got a good first impression when I got to the arena, and it’s been a good atmosphere at the event – with full house on Saturday.

There were good possibilities to ride the horses, and if you were up to ride in the morning there was good space to train in the warm-up rings – which I was happy about. I was pleased with the surface, and I would like to compliment the course designer Uliano Vezzani as he did a great job. The tracks have been demanding, but still the faults have been spreading out and the courses have not ‘been killing the horses’. The numbers of clears in each class have been good, which have made for exciting jump-offs. Maybe there were a bit too many clears in Saturday’s Grand Prix with fourteen to the jump-off, so the time allowed could maybe have been tighter – but still there were not so many double clears so it was great sport anyway. With stabling in tents like here we were lucky with the weather as it’s been sunny and dry most of the weekend. Had it been colder it would maybe not been so nice here! After all it is Norway…

It was the first indoor of the season for me, and then you never really know how the horses will be. But Mic Mac has been amazing, and has been placed in every class she has jumped – showing top form! I got to know that I could ride in Oslo very late and then I got to know on Sunday morning that I could ride the World Cup, so everything about the show came a bit late for me – but still it’s been such an amazing weekend for me and my horses.

In Friday’s 1.50 I was second, and Mic Mac was super to ride. In the Grand Prix on Saturday I really wanted to win – I told my groom that as I was not to ride the World Cup we should really go for the win in the Grand Prix instead. And then I was beaten by 0.02 seconds, which was a little frustrating – but still my horse was amazing and I am so pleased with her. And Scott has proven hard to beat this weekend, so I think I should be happy! Mic Mac also jumped great in Sunday’s World Cup, but my tempo to the line from eleven to twelve was a bit too high and the four strides in there got a too short and I had number twelve down as she lacked space. Still, I was super happy with her and a little angry with myself afterwards. In the end I was tenth and got World Cup points. For me personally it is a big goal to qualify for the World Cup Final – it is a very prestigious event that just seems to get more and more recognition within the sport.

So, credit to Mic Mac – what a horse she is! There have been some ups and downs with her – but by now I know this. I can have a bad class, but she can still go to the next show and win again. You have to take the good with the bad when it comes to her! I chose to be grateful for her good sides, and think about the fantastic results she keeps on bringing me.  

When it comes to Scott Brash – what can I say? I think respect is the word. What an ice cold rider he is. He is just amazing. Scott was just the best this weekend – he really deserved to win both the Grand Prix and the World Cup. He was just in a class of his own!”

As told to WoSJ by Angelica Augustsson

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