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WoSJ Exclusive; Philipp Weishaupt on life as a stable jockey at Ludger Beerbaum's

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Philipp Weishaupt has proven to be one of Germany's best riders. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.The 25 year old Philipp Weishaupt has been a part of team Beerbaum for eight years, and especially the last two years he’s had great success. In 2009 he won the German Championships and he recently won the World Cup in Bordeaux and the Grand Prix in Vigo within a week.

There is no doubt Philipp has a big talent but he gives his boss much of the credit for his success. “ Ludger gives us all the chances to succeed in the sport because we get to ride and focus totally on the sport” Philipp says. “He also helps us whenever we need it. Even though we all have different stables back home we get together in the ring and of course we all help each other out.”

Three out of four riders on the Beerbaum team. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.By “we” Philipp also refers to the two other riders at team Beerbaum – Marco Kutscher and Henrik von Eckermann. They have all been working with Ludger for several years which must be the best proof they all like it there. This does not equal that working at Ludger’s is a walk in the park. They all work really hard and Philipp tells us that in his stable alone he has 24 horses to ride and take care of. To make it work he has two riders and two grooms to help him out.

They work seven days a week throughout most of the year. Philipp explains that Monday and Tuesday he normally stays at home riding all day. Wednesday they often take the younger horses to local shows or trainings, and Thursday to Sunday they are away at the bigger shows. Philipp usually has some time off at Christmas and this year he spent his holiday at a safari in Kenya with friends. “You never see me at the Christmas Show in Mechelen,” Philipp laughs.

Philipp and his top horse Catoki. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.For the 2011 season Philipp plans to ride some Super Leagues and off course the European Championship in September is one of the main goals. But first of all he aims towards the World Cup final in Leipzig the last weekend in April. He is currently number eight at the qualifier standings with 50 points which makes him a safe one for the final. The challenge is having a good day at work all three days in Leipzig.

Philipp tells us that he is lucky to have three or four good horses to use at Grand Prix level, Catoki, Souvenir and Leoville. Philipp especially mentions the nine year old Monte Bellini (Montender x Ramiro) who won the Bundeschampionat as a five year old with the highest score ever given - as a really good horse for the future.

A hard working guy; Philipp does shows almost every week. Photo by Jenny AbrahamssonBefore we leave Philipp we want some information about the rest of the Beerbaum team. How are the other guys? “Ludger is really focused,” Philipp says. “He is experienced and does everything a hundred percent.” Marco he describes as serious but always in a good mood. He always laughs and you can talk to him five minutes after a bad round without getting your head bit off. When it comes to Henrik, Philipp compares him to Ludger because of their similar focus. “Henrik is very serious about the sport and gets in a terrible mood when he has a bad round,” "I’m not that serious,” Philipp says with a big laugh.

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