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WoSJ Exclusive; The highlights of 2012!

Thursday, 03 January 2013

The Olympic Games in London was the big highlight for many. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.With 2013 here, World of Showjumping asked riders, grooms and other people involved in the sport about their highlights in 2012. Here are their answers!

Emma Lindgren, Christian Ahlmann's groom:

"For me it was when Taloubet Z won the Top 10 Final in Geneva and when Christian got the spot as number one on the Rolex FEI Ranking - definitetly!"

Pedro Cebulka, ringmaster:

"From my point of view it has to be the 2012 Olympic Games: it was great organization and facilities, it went peacefully and Great Britain, the home country, won the team gold medal."

David Bostock, farrier:

"Nino and Steve Guerdat."

Horses taking home big wins was another highlight. For Emma Taloubet Z's Top 10 win was very special, for Madeleine Tamino stood for her favourit wins and Judith was very happy when her horses Sabrina and Salvador won. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.Celia Rijntjes, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson's groom:

"The best in 2012 was probably the Olympics. Not for our result exactly, but for it being such a well done event. To be somewhere where every single person is helpful and cheerful, was a great experience!"

Frederik De Backer, speaker /commentator:

"In general I would say the London Olympics. To be in the heart of such a big metropolis and to get all the media attention that we got must have been very good for showjumping. We also had a very clean sport without any doping and then that the home country won did promote the sport big time in England. So I would say that the whole concept around the showjumping at the Olympics was the best thing in 2012. For me personally it has been a very busy year. I traveled around the world with the Global Champions Tour which was great and I learned a lot about showjumping, then the auction Woodlands International Sales was a big success and I stayed healthy for a entire year which also is important."

Josefine Jönsson, Janika Sprunger's groom:

" I probably have to say that it was when I started to work for Janika. We have really become a super team!"

Judith Goelkel, horse owner:

"Let me get a consensus, but I must say that I had a few highlights. Can't really single one thing out. The Nations Cup win in Wellington with Salvador, Sabrina winning the GP in Bordeaux and London and the win for Salvador in Vienna for sure! Also Cayenne winning and placing in Abu Dhabi every day was fantastic!"

Maarten Roels, Jos Lansink's groom:

"The most memorable for me would be the Olympics, I was really happy with the result , with Steve winning and the accommodation. For Jos' part the World Cup in Mechelen was the best way to end the year with Valentina's 7place as a comeback!"

Steve winning was another big highlight. Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.Philippe Le Jeune Jr, speaker/commentator:

"Good things in 2012 are that the World champion, European champion, and Olympic champion are all great horsemen! It´s an example for young people. And the last Olympics was doping free... My wishes for 2013 is that prize money competitions will be open for all... Rolex ranking by rider-horse will also give another image."

Madeleine Broek, Marc Houtzager's groom:

"My best of 2012 is that Tamino won three 5* Grand Prix classes; Rotterdam, Paris and London! This was a very successful year for Marc, with all the horses. And the Olympics were fantastic!"

Kay Neatham, Marcus Ehning's groom:

"The Olympic Games were incredible, great sport, couldn't have been written better in a Jilly Cooper thriller, until London I had never been to a show where I heard not one complaint. We didn't win a medal but team spirit was seldom better. London showed that grooms, officials, riders, vets, helpers, trainers, chefs and so on can all get along well and work together, when proved with the right facilities and conditions to work in. Beautiful works of art courses. Amazing public and settings. I have never been more proud to be British."

"This was my moment that sticks out, but the new places like Vienna were inspiring, shows like Rio and Aachen just keep getting better, when you think it's not possible. That our sport is ever changing and moving forward, growing and reaching a wider public appeal is exciting.... I like the direction its going into....bring on 2013."

Katharina Offel, rider:

"The best in 2012 for me personally was to meet you girls from WoSJ. The best for me in the sport was the win in GCT Final in Abu Dhabi and the best thing in general was that we have an Olympic Champion who really deserved to win."

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