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Friday, 18 Apr 2014


Visiting Marcus Ehning in images - part two

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_K7X9623Welcome to the Ehning's yard! All photos by Jenny Abrahamsson.


Visiting Marcus Ehning in images - part one

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_K7X9593Marcus Ehning's super star Cornado NRW shows off in the field at home in Borken. Photos by Jenny Abrahamsson.

WoSJ Exclusive; Marcus Ehning – When action speaks louder than words

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_K7X9651Marcus Ehning with Again du Toultia home at his family's yard in Borken, Germany. All photos by Jenny Abrahamsson."I never refer to any of my horses as my number one horse," Marcus Ehning replies as we sit around the kitchen table at his family's yard in Borken. We have just asked him about his amazing grey stallion Cornado NRW, and what has made him the leading horse in Ehning's stable. "The whole package is quite important," Marcus states firmly – unwilling to let any horse in his stable play a more important role than another. "You need to have a string of horses that give you options, and that you can swap around for the different classes at the shows. So if one horse doesn't feel good, you can use another one – managing them in the best way possible and making them support each other."

Images | When things don't go quite according to plan...

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 _MG_4985It's not always that we get the photos we planned for! Here's a little selection of photos that turned out to be everything else than useful.

Images | Noltes Küchengirl enjoys her retirement!

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_K7X9161In February it was decided to retire Marcus Ehning's super star Noltes Küchengirl. The amazing 17 year old mare by Lord Z x Cambridge Cole now enjoys life in the fields at home in Borken, Germany. All photos by Jenny Abrahamsson.

WoSJ visits Stal de Sjiem - the guided tour

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Take a look at this video as Jeroen Dubbeldam takes WoSJ around Stal de Sjiem during our visit in February 2014.

Visiting Stal de Sjiem in images - part two

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_K7X2365Sjaak Sleiderink pictured together with his new future star Barista SFN - an eight year old mare by Harley VDL x Emilion. All photos by Jenny Abrahamsson.

Visiting Stal de Sjiem in images - part one

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_K7X2424Jeroen's stable is named after his famous partner and Olympic gold medallist De Sjiem - now 25 years old and enjoying his retirement. Here's how it looked when WoSJ visited Stal de Sjiem earlier this year. All photos by Jenny Abrahamsson.

WoSJ Exclusive; Up and down with Jeroen Dubbeldam

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_K7X2422Jeroen Dubbeldam pictured at home with the horse that gave him the first big up of his career: De Sjiem - the 2000 Olympic gold medallist who now enjoys his retirement. All photos by Jenny Abrahamsson.If there is one rider in the world that knows about the ups and downs of showjumping, it is Jeroen Dubbeldam. Only 27 years old, he won Olympic gold in Sydney on De Sjiem – without doubt the biggest up of his career, and then he went on to win the Grand Prix of Aachen the following year also riding the legendary De Sjiem. Then followed a few quiet years as De Sjiem was retired – before the Dutch rider bounced back to claim team gold at the World Equestrian Games in Aachen in 2006 riding the very aptly named Up and Down. Another few quiet years followed, before Jeroen came back again – and with full force. This time aboard Simon. Winning the CN International Grand Prix on Simon in 2010, and then ending third in the 2011 World Cup Final – contributed to Simon being the best ranked horse in the world in the autumn of 2011.


And it also contributed to the next big down for Dubbeldam. In November 2011, Simon was sold and Dubbeldam's dreams of going to the Olympics in London were shattered. But as always, Jeroen bounced back – now on Utascha SFN. Well, as the circle of Jeroen's life goes, Utascha was sold at the end of 2013 – but with the next super star up his sleeve, Zenith SFN, Dubbeldam really doesn't look all that worried as we meet him at home in Weerselo.

A tribute to Cellagon Lambrasco!

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_MG_9474After a long and very successful career under Germany's Janne Friederike Meyer, Cellagon Lambrasco is retired from the sport at the age of 16. Meyer took the decision not to return Lambrasco to the ring, after he has been out since August last year following a tendon injury that he sustained in Dublin. The Aachen Grand Prix winner from 2011 gets his official retirement cermony in Hamburg in May. Here's a photo tribute to one of the sport's true super stars, who was on the gold medal winning German team at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in 2010, at the Europeans in Madrid in 2011 and who also jumped at the London Olympics in 2012 . All photos by Jenny Abrahamsson.

The WoSJ show review; Joe Clee on Indoor Brabant

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Joe-Clee-Diablesse-de-Muze-This weekend Joe Clee does the WoSJ show review on the fantastic event Indoor Brabant in Den Bosch. Clee has been on fire lately, and this weekend he continued his superb form to end forth in the prestigious Rolex Grand Prix with Diablesse de Muze. And as Joe concludes after a weekend in Den Bosch; this is one of the nicest indoor shows there is!


"I had a great weekend in Den Bosch, and my horses Diablesse de Muze and Utamaro D Ecaussines were both on form.

Same, same but different in the Rolex Grand Prix in Den Bosch

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Jur-Vrieling-Zirocco-Blue-VHere is how it looked as the riders in the Rolex Grand Prix in Den Bosch approached one of the most difficult lines in the competition; the oxer at nine followed by the open wall at ten and then the oxer at eleven that came on a very forward distance. Jur Vrieling and Zirocco Blue VDL was clear until this line, and just a brick on the wall kept them away from the jump-off. Photos by Jenny Abrahamsson.

Visiting Bertram Allen in images

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_K7X0307"I try to get them around the woods here or on the gallop track – or just working them on the grass field – just doing something different with them. I think it's good for them mentally as they spend so many days of their lives in the arena," Bertram said of his way of training his horses. Here's how it looked when we visited Ireland's super talented 18 year old! All photos by Jenny Abrahamsson.

WoSJ Exclusive; Bertram Allen – "Be prepared to do what it takes"

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_K7X0192Bertram Allen pictured at his yard in Hünxe together with one of his top horses Romanov. Photos by Jenny Abrahamsson.If the international showjumping circuit could be compared to Hollywood, it would definitely be possible to compare Bertram Allen's talents on the horse back to the acting talents of young stars such as Daniel Radcliffe, or to that talent Leonardo DiCaprio displayed as a nineteen year old in the movie 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape'. And if we were the Vanity Fair of showjumping, Bertram Allen would definitely make it to the cover of our 'Hollywood Issue' as one of those young rising stars. Bertram himself would probably object to such a comparison though, as he is one of the most modest boys you will meet in the sport. He is quiet – bordering to shy if he doesn't know you, but when he starts talking he can indeed be very funny and also very mature.


That Bertram is a talent is something his trainer and mentor Marcus Ehning is willing to sign on. "It is his incredible talent that has enabled him to prove himself in the sport at such a young age. Bertram has a super eye and great instinct," Marcus says when we ask him about his 18 year old pupil.

The WoSJ show review; Katharina Offel on Saut Hermès

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kathiThis weekend Katharina Offel does the WoSJ show review on the beautiful Saut Hermès show in Paris. Kathi had a great weekend at the show, ending third in the feature class on Saturday riding Charlie and then going on to be third in the Grand Prix on Sunday with Lacontino. As Kathi concludes; Saut Hermès is one of the events where she had the most luck during her career!


"The Saut Hermès is simply the most beautiful show I know. The first time I walked in to the Grand Palais I was left without words, it is almost overwhelming how it looks with the glass roof and constructions in there – it's just such a unique building which gives you the feeling you are a part of something really special. The atmosphere is super! The French crowds are very knowledgeable, and I really thought it was cool with the illustrations of the course that Michel Robert was doing – allowing the audience to really understand the difficulties of the track before the competition begins.

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