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Monday, 22 Dec 2014


Latest update on the Eurocommerce horses

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gerco-londonGerco and Eurocommerce London are in Lausanne this weekend. Will this be their last show in a while? Photo by Jenny Abrahamsson.The Eurocommerce horses are an ongoing battle these days. Rabobank originally agreed on letting the horses travel to compete and be kept in form as well as bring in money. Problems occurred though as the Dutch Federation KNHS could not give the bank any guarantee about making changes in the horses’ passports, and Rabobank as the main creditor after the bankruptcy of Eurocommerce has thus changed their minds.


If Rabobank gets their way, Gerco Schröder and Annelies Vorsselmans will have to keep their horses in Holland until another ruling has been made. A judge will accordingly make a decision concerning the passports next week. This weekend Gerco and London are competing in Lausanne at the Global Champions Tour. We wish them all the best and good luck!