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Quotes | "We decided to change tactics for today and start with the two strongest horses to put some pressure of Scott and Peter."

Sunday, 05 August 2012
The Olympic Games London 2012

Ben Maher.
Ben Maher

 Nick Skelton - homecrowd favorite. "It was a nice course, not crazy big. I am happy. He [Big Star] is very fresh, but outside he is very quiet and you might think it is something wrong with him. But as soon  as he gets in the ring he lights up ten gears," said Nick about his round with Big Star. Nick also explained why he likes to ride first. "I am not a very patient person"!

Luciana Diniz about her big baby Lennox: "The feeling was good. I was number one to go so I didn't have to worry about anything. I could just be me there - me and my horse. So we went in there to enjoy it and have fun and so we did. Lennox has a lot of caracter, we call him the big baby. He is still a baby in his mind, he needs a lot of support and a lot of trust, a lot of friendship from the groom and the team - he is a great horse."

Jill Henselwood after her four-faults-ride;"George was phenomenal! He jumped amazing and we were inside the time!"

Nicolas Pizarro on his horse Crossing Jordan:"I have had him for five years now. I bought him from Paul Schockemöhle in Germany, and he was previously ridden by Alois Pollman-Schweckhorst. I think he was fantastic today."

Cassio Rivetti: "It was good. I had a little bit of a bad distance to the second last fence - to deep, but the rest of the course he jumped great. I have been riding Temple Road for almost a year now and he was bought for the Olympics. Cian O'Connor rode him earlier on," explained Cassio after his ride.

James Paterson-Robinson on his horse and the huge water-jump: "Well, I had a foot in the water, for the rest it was good. I was a little lucky out of 5 b but the rest felt great. The water is wide, when I walked the course I thought it was huge. My horse is normally a good water-jumper, but when you came out of the turn it was difficult. Lanosso is thirteen now and we had him since he was nine and he was the horse that I had planned to ride in Kentucky with but we changed horse there, so now it is his turn".

Ben Maher on the changes in the starting order on the British team today and his beautiful horse Tripple X: "We decided to change tactics for today and start with the two strongest horses to put some pressure of Scott and Peter. I know he (Tripple X) will improve, I can't promise he will be clear but I know that he can jump even better."

"I am happy, it is difficult to describe my feelings. I am just so happy. I had just one horse in front of the Olympics, but I think it was good for me because I focused on him. He is a bit of a delicate horse, but to have him as the only horse I think was a big advantage for me," said Prince Abdullah Al Saud after his

"I saw Ramzy and he rode that course as good as anyone," Bezzie said when asked about the Saudi Arabian team after the class.
"I saw Ramzy and he rode that course as good as anyone," Bezzie said when asked about the Saudi Arabian team after the class.

Kamal Bahamdan: "It is a much more challenging course today, there is a lot of questions in it. And I was very happy with my mare, she was very responsive. It is a very sharp turn after the water to the triple combination. I have never seen such a turn before so there we got a bit of a hick-up, but my mare was amazing, all heart. She saved the day there. I was in a good position of having two horses that can jump the games and it was a problem to chose between the two. Delphi was the main horse but after the warm up she didn't feel as good as Noblesse. We had to make a decision and I think I am happy with that decision. They are both great mares and Delphi will jump in ten days in Valkenswaard" .

Edwina Tops-Alexander: "He didn't touch a fence, he is in super shape,"  a happy Edwina stated about super star  Itot du Chateau after their clear round.

Doda on his choice of horse and their performance so far: "I am very happy. I came here with two horses and I decided two hours before the class which one to ride. It was a tough decision because both horses are in good shape. But Drossel Dan was injured in February so this would be his fifth show. That is mainly why I made the decision for Bogeno to save my grey one because he is a wonderful horse. Yesterday Bogeno jumped amazing and today even better. He has a lot of energy and you can jump five or six days in a row and he is actually better when he is not so fresh."

Jur Vrieling: "What should I say, a little bit big and a little bit long to the water and the last fence -  I really don´t know why. He jumped really good. It would have been better with one time of bad riding and then come out with four faults, and I could blame myself and be angry. But now the horse jumped good and two really shit things happened and I think that is the worst in our sport. It is better to make a fault yourself so you can take the blame for it and now I can't blame my horse because he jumped great," said a disappointed Jur after his eight faults.

Janne Friederike Meyer about her round:  "When you have the second fence down and you have the entire difficult course ahead of you, then you really have to motivate yourself and don't let yourself be pulled down."

Beezie Madden on the Saudi Arabians' lead after round one: "They had some good results and have some good horses and good riders. I didn't get to see all of them but I saw Ramzy and he rode that course as good as anyone."

Luciana Diniz describing her partner Lennox; "Lennox has a lot of caracter, we call him the big baby."
Luciana Diniz describing her partner Lennox; "Lennox has a lot of caracter, we call him the big baby."

Paul Estermann: "My horse has had a fantastic development, it can't be better than this. He did his seventh Nations Cup without faults today. He was double clear in Rome, Rotterdam, Aachen and now here today," said a happy Paul about his horse Castlefield Eclipse.

Maikel van der Vleuten on his great ride: "I had a plan before I went in and the rideability was good on my horse. He was a little bit sharper than yesterday. I motivated him a bit more and it was a lot forward and backwards and a bit bigger and wider than yesterday so that made him a bit more awake."

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum about her two fences down today: "We lack a bit of experience - horse and rider - at this level. So after our first fault the concentration for horse and rider got a bit lost. But it is not too early for her to be here, she has no problem with the heights,  it is just a bit of lack of experience."

Henrik von Eckermann: "It felt great, I felt really secure in there and Allerdings really fought with me. When the horse is with you, you often feel more relaxed and safe. It was so nice to cross the finish line and be clear. But even if I was clear today, Lisen's round was a bigger achievement after her fall yesterday,"  a very happy Henrik said after his ride.

Lisen Fredricson had a really dramatic fall yesterday and the doctors sad it was only a 10% chance that she would be able to ride today. But she did it and ended the course with only four faults. "It still hurts. We are having our physiotherapist with us and he is working on me the whole time. If I hadn't been able to ride today, the plan was to cross the start line so I would be able to ride tomorrow. The decision to jump was made on the warm-up. It hurt a lot, but when you enter the course you get so much adrenalin so it was ok. But I felt the pain at the water jump so I lost the concentration a bit to the triple combination."

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