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GoPro – part fourteen: Tips & tricks on cleaning tack from the world’s best grooms

Wednesday, 13 January 2021
Tips & tricks

World of Showjumping asked several highly experienced grooms to share their best tips & tricks. In this next part of our series, we find out how the grooms clean their tack and what they believe to be the best tack cleaning products. 

Sean Lynch, long-time groom for Daniel Deusser:



”Cleaning tack is easy if you do it good every time. I always have one sponge to wipe and one sponge to soap. I like to use Stübben saddle soap and have used it for many years and there really isn’t any better. We also oil the tack often enough with our sponsor’s Amerigo soft oil. And always clean the bit proper - nothing drives me more crazy than an unclean bit.” 

Morgane Tresch, long-time groom for Jeroen Dubbeldam:



“I love to use the leather soap from Stübben! A little tip that I learned from one of the best grooms I know: Use two sponges - one wet with soap to clean your tack and a dry one that you also put soap on, but this one is going to make your tack shiny. Don’t dry it with towel after.”  

Nickki O’Donovan, long-time groom for Darragh Kenny:


“I love, love, love Stübben saddle soap. I grew up using this and have never changed from it. It gives a good shine and isn’t sticky.

We like to give the saddles a good conditioning with Butet cream conditioner once a week. For the daily cleaning of the saddles we just rub them with a damp cloth, since we don’t like to get soap on them every day.”

Marlen Schannwell, long-time groom for Bertram Allen:



“I love the Veredus Curium spray and oil as well as the Stübben soap. But also good quality tack is important. Some of our CWD bridles are ten years old, but you couldn’t tell which ones.” 

Jenny Ducoffre, long-time groom for Jos Verlooy:


“I prefer to clean my tack with water with a little Dreft liquid or Dettol/Sagrotan in it. After I’ll put a conditioner on it. 

When it’s new, I soak the tack in leather oil before I ever use it and then I try to do it regularly every 4-6 months but then just with oil on a cloth.”

Madeleine Broek, long-time groom for Marc Houtzager:

“I really like the soap from Stübben to clean the tack. Once in a while we treat the tack with oil or leather conditioner.” 

Cynthia Gurrie, former long-time groom for Michael Whitaker:



“Hot water with a bit of soap in it to clean the tack first. And a 100% Stübben saddle soap, it’s the best on the market for keeping leather supple and gives it a good shine.”

Mel Jobst, long-time groom for Marcus Ehning:




“Stübben saddle soap, leather oil /crème and Balistol spray.”

Josie Eliasson, long-time groom for Jessica Springsteen:



“For me the best tack cleaner is the Stübben saddle soap. Normally, I first clean the tack with only water to get the dirt and grease off and then I use the saddle soap. I do like to oil the tack from time to time as well. We have CWD tack so I use their oil and conditioner.”

Aurelie Marchiando, long-time groom for Leopold van Asten:




“I use Stübben soap for cleaning the tack after every horse, every day.”

Lena Laub, long-time groom:




“I really like the old Stübben liquid saddle soap and a good Stübben leather oil so I clean the tack with the soap first and once a month I use the oil.”

Heidi Mulari, long-time groom for Steve Guerdat:




”Nothing beats old Stübben saddle soap! It actually cleans the leather without leaving it greasy.”

Denise Moriarty, long-time groom for Kent Farrington:




“Stübben is still the best tack cleaner around and then CWD conditioner for dry tack.”

Malin Henlöv, former long-time groom for Peder Fredricson, now working for Evelina Tovek:



“I have always used Stübben soap. I first clean the tack properly with water and then I use the soap. If needed I also use oil on the leather.” 

Kay Neatham, former long-time groom for Marcus Ehning:




“Stübben saddle soap was the only thing that I swore by to clean tack.”


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