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Josie Eliasson launches job search platform “I hope we can open up the recruitment opportunities globally”

Saturday, 07 January 2023

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“I hope we can make the whole industry better, stronger and safer and open up the recruitment opportunities globally,” Josie Eliasson tells World of Showjumping about the new online job search platform Photo © Jenny Abrahamsson for World of Showjumping.


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At the end of last year, Josie Eliasson – who for the last seven years has worked as a show groom for Jessica Springsteen – launched the online job search platform With an online database aimed at both those seeking and offering work within the equine industry, Eliasson hopes that the platform will help to connect the right individuals as well as promote better working conditions. “I hope we can make the whole industry better, stronger and safer and open up the recruitment opportunities globally,” Eliasson tells World of Showjumping. “With our website, it will hopefully become easier to find the right people – and good jobs. I hope it will push the whole industry to step up.” 

The idea behind the database, that automatically connects people that have a match, was born from the constant questions Eliasson got from colleagues and friends. “At least twice a week I would have someone asking if I know of staff – both grooms and riders,” she explains. “And I would hear the same from my friends; many would ask for tips about a new job. Often it was really good people; both looking for staff and for work. I wanted to create something that would connect the right individuals, and match them. On our website, those looking for a job can complete an online profile, including a dynamic CV, with criteria matching their job search – and visa versa for employers. When the criteria match, the website automatically connects the two.” 

Making it easier to connect

“Another reason for doing this is my own background,” Eliasson continues. "Before I started working as a groom, I knew what I wanted to do but I did not know how to get my foot into the industry. At the moment, the industry is screaming for staff, so now it is easier to find work than back then, but it is still a big step to go out into the world. It can be hard to find the right place, because it is all about the contacts that you have and about knowing the right people. I hope we can help those who are brand new to the industry, help people discover how many amazing opportunities there are, and make it easier to connect with each other. As an example, so many people would love to do a season in Florida, but don’t know how to get here.”

The website also makes it possible to search for a specific job or person, or to choose a ‘not available’ option in the profile, while still keeping an eye out for the dream job. “Say your dream is to work in Japan,” Eliasson offers as an example. “You can choose to get alerted if something fitting comes up.” 

Targeting the whole equestrian industry

“Our goal is to have as many people as possible in the database, through all the disciplines and for whatever you might be looking for, be it a position as a driver, groom, nanny, personal assistant, property manager – whatever your dream job is,” Eliasson tells. “The website is not only for barn positions, it is aimed at the whole equestrian industry. We want as many people as possible to join.”

“For those looking for a job, the membership is free. Employers looking to fill a position can post available jobs for free but if someone is interested in their offer and they want to exchange contact details, they would have to subscribe. That is also a way of making it secure; not everyone has access to your personal contact details. However, the subscription price is very low compared to other type of recruitment tools in the industry.” 

Explore the opportunities

After working with her rider for seven years, Eliasson is still as in love with her job as she ever was and wants to encourage others to explore the many opportunities within the equine industry. “I love horses, I love being outside, and I love the freedom we have,” she says. “I think working in our industry, we are a bit spoiled but we don’t even realise it; we can travel around the world and we get to make our hobby and passion our job. For me, what I love the most is the competition aspect but just being able to spend every day with my dog by my side, travel to all these beautiful places… It’s amazing. We are all here for our love for the horses, and what I am doing now is trying to make the industry what it deserves to be. I hope that with our database, we can make people happier and the industry stronger.”


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