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Through my eyes: Quabri de l’Isle

Monday, 11 May 2020
Through my eyes

Photo © Jenny Abrahamsson for World of Showjumping "He’s my motivation!” Luca tells about Quabri de l´Isle. Photo © Jenny Abrahamsson for World of Showjumping.


As told by Quabri de l’Isle’s groom Luca Ferreira


Pedro Veniss’ Quabri de l’Isle is one of the most stunning horses on the international showjumping circuit. The 16-year-old stallion by Kannan x Socrate de Chivre has for years been one of the most consistent horses in the world, and won the Rolex Grand Prix of Geneva in 2016, the BMO Nations Cup at Spruce Meadows in 2015, the Longines Challenge Cup in Barcelona in 2016, the Longines FEI Nations Cup of La Baule in 2018, the Longines FEI Nations Cup of Geesteren in 2019 as well as the team gold for Brazil at the Pan American Games in Lima in 2019.

Here Quabri’s long-time groom Luca Ferreira tells about this very special stallion, that became the king of Veniss’ stable after arriving in 2014. 


Photo © Jenny Abrahamsson for World of Showjumping "Quabri knows he is the king of the stable," Luca tells. Photo © Jenny Abrahamsson for World of Showjumping.

“My first meeting with Quabri was back in 2014 when I went to pick him up at Cassio Rivetti’s place to bring him to Pedro, whose mother-in-law had just bought him. We were going training with two other horses, and Pedro suggested to get Quabri on the way. He was quite a stallion back then, and decided to try to climb over the partition to get to the other horses in the truck. So, my first impression of him was perhaps not the best. 

Quabri has changed a lot since then. While he still can be a real stallion, it mainly happens when he gets very excited – either at the shows or because it’s spring in the air. At home, where he knows everyone and everything, he is easy and quiet – more like a gelding to handle. 

One thing is for sure: Quabri knows he is the king of the stable. When he arrived, he was “just another horse” but as he grew into Pedro’s nr. one he has understood how important he is. I guess this comes with all the attention he gets and the time we spend on him to make him the best he can be.

He likes to be the boss, and I make sure that he gets to express that side of him too. It’s important that he feels a bit on top, and as long as he is not dangerous or difficult there is no harm in letting him play a bit around. At the shows I am naturally stricter with him, as there are a lot of other horses around and he gets much more excited then. He can be a handful, but I know he won’t do anything I tell him not to – he always respects me. By now, I know him so well so I try to let him be himself as much as possible. If he ever does something wrong and gets told off, he knows immediately and willgo sulking with his head hanging out his window. 

Photo © Jenny Abrahamsson for World of Showjumping "As serious as he can be in the ring, he is also really soft," Luca says about Quabri. Photo © Jenny Abrahamsson for World of Showjumping.

Quabri is as kind as it gets though. My three-year-old daughter can cuddle and kiss him in his stable, and he loves the attention. As serious as he can be in the ring, he is also really soft. I like to say that he’s the king, but also a bit of a princess! 

There are a few things Quabri does not like, and one of them is small ponies. So, he will not get a pony retirement friend when that day comes! He also does not like the girth too much, and will always try to get a little bite of you. Apart from that, he is easy to manage at home and does not require any special treatment. 

My best memory with him would be winning the Grand Prix in Geneva. There were so many good and fast horses in that jump-off; Casall Ask, Flora de Mariposa, Nino des Buissonnets, Taloubet Z, Ursula XII... I still remember Pedro telling me that we would give it a try, but we both knew it would be almost impossible to win. When he actually went in and did it, it was hard to realise. It did not really sink in until I got back home. As a groom you work around the clock, so when something like that happens it is really special. I have many other good memories with him too from the Pan Ams in Lima and the Spruce Meadows Masters, but Geneva stands out. 

Photo © Jenny Abrahamsson for World of Showjumping "My best memory with him would be winning the Grand Prix in Geneva," Luca tells. Photos © Jenny Abrahamsson for World of Showjumping.

I don’t think too much about the fact that he is one of the best horses in the world. We take care of all our horses in the same way. However, when I take him with to smaller shows or tours – I am reminded as he can cause quite a bit of attention. Quabri definitely has celebrity status, also because he is as pretty as he is. He’s also knows very well that he is as good looking as he is!

His foals are also beautiful, really, really pretty. I hope they inherit his mind too because he is so brave and very serious about his job. If he passes all his qualities on to his offspring, he will be a great sire. 

These days, with a family on my own it gets harder and harder to be away for the shows for long periods of time. Quabri is still the horse that gives me the drive to do it though, but I think the day he retires I will too. He’s my motivation!”


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