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Alex Tyler-Morris: They really take care of everything!

Monday, 16 March 2015
Winter Equestrian Festival 2015

Alex Blog II

So after we landed on Thursday evening the horses went directly off the airplane and into the quarantine stables at the airport. The stables are all in the one building which is right next to all the private jets. After all this travelling think I deserve a little flight on one those. I certainly wouldn't turn it down.

Once we'd gone all the paper work back and sent it off,to get all checked out, I went off to get my rental car. You really can't survive in America without a car, everything is so big and so spread out it's not like you can really walk anywhere.

Cassie from the Dutta Corporation , the company which is organising all the flights and pretty much everything for me while I'm over here, took me to get my car. The company was called green motion, thought when I turned up there they were going to give me a Toyota Prius hybrid or something then I'm sure it would have taken me hours to get anywhere. In the end I walked in did all the paper work and they asked if a fiat 500 would be alright but in the end they gave me a free upgrade so I was happy about getting a bit bigger car.

Alex Blog II

Friday I came to the show to get the stables organised. When I arrived saw all the same faces and getting the greeting " oh god your back". It's nice to no that I was missed, in some way or another. Check out the boxes while chatting with a few people along the way and ordered all the feed hay shavings and straw. Here you can't get any of the bedding, hay or feed at the show you have to order it off the show ground. They said they couldn't deliver it Friday so they would deliver it Saturday morning which would have also been fine.

In the evening went out for dinner with Russell, Fiona and Kirsty. Had a few drinks and good food and then went home as I was supposed to pick the horses up the next day.

Next day I had to leave the show by 11.30 to go with Cassie to pick up the horses from the airport. Only problem was that by this time all my bedding still hadn't arrived, but I had to go to the airport. So Dutta came to the rescue. Cathy who also works for Dutta came down to the show and made my boxes ready for me.

They really take care of everything!!

Alex Blog II

Got the horses to the show and of course there all fresh and dragging me all over the place. Once they where in the boxes though, after an hour or so, they relaxed and got settled in for the next 2 weeks.

Today I rode them all a bit and they all felt good. Well when I say rode it was more a case of I was just sitting there and hanging on until they got tired and stopped, they were all so fresh!!

Sunday is normally party night in Wellington so I might just have to force myself out. Although I shouldn't drink to much I think having to ride three fresh horses tomorrow while nursing a hangover in this heat, 30 degrees, would not be ideal.


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