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Kay Neatham: The most random blog ever

Sunday, 27 March 2016
2016 Longines FEI World Cup Final

(c) Jenny Abrahamsson

Gothenburg Horse Show: Favorite show ever, and so far my horses are all loving it also.

I am going to apologize right now for what is likely to be my most random blog ever. My thoughts are coming slowly and in the weirdest order, but that's just the place I'm at right now!

The atmosphere here with the crowds is just so special! When so many people are supporting you and wishing you well, it makes you go that extra mile that makes winning possible and brings out the best in all of us.

I have a moment to spare and actually started this blog a few times with not to much success, as always – or more than normal – I am exhausted, living on my coffee high, which with each day that passes gets less and less effective at waking me up!

I have also had a stable diet of chocolate this week. Sean brought me Cadburys Whole Nut, to-die-for-good, and Celia keeps leaving Never Stop on my trunk – which is as addictive as the name says it is.

Pret a Tout’s owners also brought me and Sarah a basket of lovely Swiss chocolates and eggs. But, best of all they brought us a plant and I haven't killed it yet – it even has a yellow flower!

When we won in Den Bosch, Maarta (Nicola Philliperts’ groom) asked which cake I'd like, as she's our champion baker. Yes, yummy yummy I got a lemon and raspberry cake! So all in all my sugar levels are high this week!!

Zanzara won the youngster final this morning, which made us all super happy as she's a stable favorite of everyone. I was very busy with my big boy this morning, Cornado, so missed her jump-off but took on a new role of watching the other horses go – and sorry, very un-sporty of me, wished they didn't do better than her. I liked this no-stressful role, might try doing that tomorrow, I'm sure Marcus will be fine without me in the warm-up!

Corny was so over excited to be in Gothenburg, where he's never been before, that he had to work hard the first few days in order to find his concentration. He is regretting his over-keenness today and after being kicked out of bed for vet-check at 7.30am this morning, went straight back to bed and hasn't got up since! But how amazing is my sleeping horse, so amazing (big smile)…

Am I nervous for tomorrow? Yes, but there is only one thing to do – do my job the best I can, make sure Corny is as best he can be tomorrow, happy and what will be, will be... He is a winner whatever happens, and Marcus a genius...

Good luck to everyone tomorrow and keep your fingers crossed for the red team!



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