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Advertisement; Daan Horn: "The last 5% make the difference – Equine 74 makes it possible for top horses"

Tuesday, 24 February 2015
Equine 74 Gastric Advertisement

Daan Horn and De Wiemselbach`s Van Gogh – Numero Uno x Bernstein x Burggraf.
Daan Horn and De Wiemselbach`s Van Gogh – Numero Uno x Bernstein x Burggraf.

The combination of top-stallions, such as Numero Uno and his son Van Gogh and an international sport stable is the well-made match of one of the leading horse enterprises in the Netherlands. We are talking about De Wiemselbach, the home of family Horn. Daan Horn is managing the whole enterprise and when it comes to ulceration problems, he trusts the effect of Equine 74 Gastric.

Talking about stomach ulcers and sport horses. Did you have to come into contact with that subject?

Unfortunately, yes. What the sport requires from the horses nowadays is partly responsible for that. In order to keep up with international competition, we need on the one hand, always horses that stand high in blood and that are equipped with a lot of nerves. On the other hand, top horses have to be at a competition almost every week, and they have to fly around the globe for that.

This combination is not so compatible. Horses that stand high in blood are often prone to stress. It happened to one of our younger stallions. He didn´t eat well and lacked enthusiasm when being worked. The result of an endoscopy showed that he was suffering from a stomach ulcer. He was then given Omeprazole.

Does the stallion get Omeprazole still today?

No, we have changed to Equine 74 Gastric now. Omeprazole, in the form of GastGard, is very expensive in the long term. And my feeling is, that Equine 74 Gastric has the same effect. Moreover, I see another advantage with Equine 74 Gastric.

Which would be?

Equine 74 Gastric is very suitable as a precaution for stomach problems. I can give it as a supplement to my sport horses and stallions daily. I have made the experience, that the horses feel good, they are happy and for those reasons enjoy their work. The direct consequence is, what everyone wants, instead of 95%, they give 100% in the course.

Are you of the opinion that exactly these 5% matter?

Principally, yes. I do believe that each one of the top 100 horses of the world is able to win a Grand Prix. However, at the end of the day, what it depends on is the form of the day on that occasion. Those last 5% can make the difference. Looking at the whole picture, none of us can let this opportunity pass by – the competition is too strong for such a risk taken.

What about your stallions? Some of them are active in sports as well as at stud at the same time?

Yes, it is similar with the stallions. Especially when they have to meet the challenges of both breeding and sports. Because stress is surely a fact one should think about. Stress doesn´t only affect the sporting performance, but also the semen quality. And no one needs bad semen quality – no matter how successful one is in sports. If a stallion is not able to cover a mare, it is bad for business. 

For further informations please call Equine 74 Gastric under their Hotline ++49 172 518 40 99 or e-mail [email protected] More informations you find under

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