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Hilltop Bio launches new product, Regenaflex-Gel, for summer sores and weepy wounds

Wednesday, 30 August 2023
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Hilltop Bio is pleased to announce its latest product, Regenaflex-Gel. This revolutionary product is custom engineered for both summer sores and small, weepy wounds. It provides anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties to help soothe sores and bolster the development of healthy tissue.

Summer sores can be stubborn to heal and often require extensive, expensive treatment options and time to resolve. Summer sores are also often exacerbated during the warm, damp, summer months. Hilltop Bio’s Regenaflex-Gel has had excellent preliminary use cases of reduced healing time compared to traditional treatment options.

Regenaflex-Gel was formulated off the back of Regenaflex-M, Hilltop Bio’s wound membrane product. Summer sores that need to be surgically excised can be treated initially with Regenaflex-M and then Regenaflex-Gel can be used as a followup treatment. See our recent article on Regenaflex-M from earlier this year.

Regenaflex-Gel is available for purchase for both veterinarians and horse owners at

Use Case #1:

This 10yo dressage horse presented with a summer sore in Wellington, FL. This summer has been unseasonably hot and while the horse is not prone to summer sores, it acquired a large sore on the back of the pastern. The summer sore was cleaned and two drops of Regenaflex-Gel were applied AM and PM. After two months of consistent application, the sore is noticeably better and has produced some healthy tissue regrowth.

Use Case #2:

This immunocompromised horse had a chronic summer sore that would not heal, even with veterinary care. The wound was excised and Regenaflex-M was placed on the sore and kept wrapped for five days. After five days, Regenaflex-Gel was applied AM and PM to the sore. The series of photos shows healing over a three month period.

"Hilltop Bio's Regeneflex-Gel played a vital role in helping to heal a persistent summer sore in a difficult location on my mare. We struggled with this sore for a long time, and nothing really seemed to work as a long-term solution. It would constantly get a little better and then return with a vengeance no matter what we did. Regeneflex-Gel not only promoted faster healing of the sore, but it is also incredibly easy to use and we don't need to worry too much about storage or cross-contamination of other horses. No med reports, no mess. Just an easy solution that worked well to promote the healing of a sore that had kept us guessing and frustrated for a long time." - Nicole Lakin

Use Case #3:

This horse presented with a laceration on the right hind leg. Small sutures were placed to help close the wound and Regenaflex-Gel was applied daily.

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August 4, 2023

“After many years in the equine industry, as a veterinary technician and horse owner, I have a fair bit of experience with wounds. I used Regenaflex-Gel on a laceration my boy gave himself and I can honestly say it healed fast with little to no scarring!” - Amy Young


Hilltop Bio is a veterinary biotech company built on a foundation of compassion for animals and a commitment to developing innovative regenerative therapies that improve their lives. As animal lovers, we are committed to creating solutions that offer animals the same extraordinary healing benefits from regenerative therapy that humans have enjoyed for decades. All of our 100% natural, non-drug therapies are optimized for specific uses and are produced under strict manufacturing guidelines to ensure patient safety. For more information, visit To order, please email or call 617-237-0636.


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