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Two top showjumpers: Limited-time sale in our deal-room

Monday, 07 August 2023
Advertisement presented by BRIDL auction

As the highly anticipated BRIDL auction draws near, it is our pleasure to showcase the final two remarkable horses that will grace the event: Chasina PS and Summer Breeze Z. 

These magnificent horses possess not only exceptional lineage but also the potential to shape the future of show jumping. Get ready to be captivated by their remarkable bloodlines and envision the remarkable heights they can achieve in the competitive arena.

Chasina PS: The only CHACOON BLUE x CASSINI I mare bred by PS

Prepare to be awestruck by the beauty and promise of Chasina PS. Born with a meticulous blend of bloodlines, Chasina PS represents the epitome of breeding excellence. Descended from the esteemed Chacoon Blue and Cassini I heritage, this outstanding mare carries the legacy of renowned sires and successful mares.

Chacoon Blue, a stallion of extraordinary caliber, has already left an indelible mark on the world of show jumping through his exceptional offspring. With Chasina PS being a product of this lineage, she inherits the athleticism, scope, and agility synonymous with Chacoon Blue. As Chasina PS enters the spotlight, she stands as a valuable prospect with the potential to shine brightly.

But Chasina PS's lineage doesn't end there. Her dam, Loving Dance, an OS mare, has produced talents like CHIRON RC, showcasing the exceptional breeding behind this exceptional horse. This remarkable ancestry enriches Chasina PS's genetic makeup, making her a true marvel in the world of show jumping.

Investing in Chasina PS means gaining a horse with an extraordinary blend of bloodlines, poised to make significant strides in the competitive arena. This is an opportunity to be part of the legacy that Chasina PS embodies.

Summer Breeze Z: The rising star connecting Satisfaction FRH (jumped 1.60) and Amadora (jumped 1.60) bloodlines

In the realm of show jumping, the legacy of exceptional mares often carries forward through their offspring. Summer Breeze Z stands as a testament to this truth. Born with a lineage connecting the best of SATISFACTION FRH and Amadora bloodlines, this young horse emerges as a promising talent with immense potential.

Amadora, a mare of extraordinary talent and determination, has conquered the heights of 1.60m level competitions, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with. Summer Breeze Z inherits her legacy, embodying her power, grace, and competitive spirit. Amadora's genetic prowess and the influence of SATISFACTION FRH sets the stage for Summer Breeze Z's future success.

SATISFACTION FRH, guided by acclaimed riders Ludger Beerbaum and Marco Kutscher, brings forth a blend of blood, flexibility, and exceptional character. Summer Breeze Z embodies this genetic heritage, carrying the promise of extraordinary achievements in the show jumping arena.

By embracing Summer Breeze Z, you gain a horse with the potential to leave a lasting impact in the world of show jumping. He represents the culmination of exceptional lineage and genetic excellence, positioning him as a rising star to watch.


You can enter a pre-auction deal room, where you can make offers and potentially secure your horse even before the auction begins!

All 6 horses can be tried and vetted by your team to ensure transparency! 

Contact: Marie Marks on Whatsapp at +44 7537 142345 or by email on [email protected] 

Did you know that Chasina PS and Summer Breeze Z are waiting for you at BRIDL auction?

Register now to get exclusive access and secure your horse before they’re gone… Don’t miss out!



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