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“U Black” is the new black

Monday, 06 March 2017

The collection that clothes the horse in elegance and passion

U Black: the story of a horse with a big personality and of his lady rider who, inspired by his beauty and power, left everything behind to launch an equestrian collection. An act of love and the expression of Italian fashion and finest craftsmanship.

“There’s no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse” This old English saying is deeply engraved in the heart of every rider. Only those who live close to this animal know how the love for him can be absolute or even life-changing. Lorella Casalatina, businesswoman from Vicenza, knows it very well: she chose to leave everything behind and write a new chapter of the eternal love story between horse-riding and fashion, together with her horse, Unno, and for him.

Lorella wanted to mould her love for Unno, black stallion from the Puglie, in the deep South of Italy, into something lasting, something that would leave a mark and that could be enjoyed by others. This is how U Black was born. Each and every article of this brand dedicated to the horse holds a spark of the amazing creature that inspired it: the pure black, the grandeur, the elegance.

U Black is passion, excellence, it is that pursuit of perfection which is on of the main features of equestrianism. Perfection also means selecting sophisticated textiles and materials, taking care of each and every detail with obsessive attention in order to create an item that can do justice to the uniqueness of our horse or  or even dignify that love.

Sometimes hugs and tenderness are not enough, we feel to urge to express our love with a gift, even a special one. As for Lorella creating U Black was an act of love for Unno, in the same way giving our horse a U-Black gift is an act of love for him.

Wear your passion - Equine perfection

The collection, launched online in July 2016 (, expresses the thrill of wearing a pure and indomitable emotion. It is passion: for horse-riding, of course, but also for the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship. In the taste of the details and the fabrics U Black encompasses non only Unno’s uniqueness  but also all that horse-riding means: style, nobility, the bond between horse and rider, sacrifice, commitment.

In order to get this result materials and finishings such as velvet microfiber, boiled wool, pile, even precious metals like gold and silver, have been selected with the utmost care, involving local artisans, masters of the art of sewing and masters of taste. The same attention to detail is given to the packaging which is also hand made.

Horse and fashion: Love in the time of Hermès

The fact that the most prestigious brands in terms of style are inspired and dedicated to the horse as a symbol of elegance and absolute beauty is full of meaning: firstly, Hermès, followed by Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Burberry, to name only the most famous. Within the world of luxury, but switching to the automotive dimension, together beauty and exclusivity, horses express power: Ferrari and Porsche speak for themselves. The appeal that such brands had on Lorella, in 20 years of casting, photo shooting and advertising campaigns, also had a specific importance in the definition of U Black approach in terms of image. If the absolute quality of the product is guaranteed by the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and Made in Italy, what was the best way to translate it in terms of communication? Letting Unno be the spokesperson. So, besides inspiring the collection, the ‘black beauty’ gives it a voice. It is he who communicates through the social media outlets of the brand, expressing all of his pride and style, sharing emotional pictures, stolen moments between recflection and irony.

The risk factor: Starting a business - just like riding

Horse-riding is synonymous with courage, ability to address fears and risks turning them into the strength to keep pushing ahead. When Lorella Casalatina felt that her job in the agencies, albeit creative and exciting, didn't fit her personality anymore, she decided to take the risk and embark on a new business project. This new life would also give her back the time to ride and to be with Unno to whom she owes so much ... Unno is U Black. «After all, if I found the courage to ride again after a fall that kept me in bed for six months, taking on a business risk - although remarkable and full of uncertainties - didn’t seem impossible».

The first positive feedback arrived right away: U Black was appreciated as soon as it was launched on the Web. Following its success the collection has grown with many new articles: saddle pads and saddle covers, bonnets, bandages, blankets, stirrup covers. It also includes a really exclusive item dedicated to the rider: spurs, whose practicality is enhanced by precious details.

Pure black is now matched by the total white of the new competition collection so that white, counterposing the essence of black , recalls the dualism of the unique and complex relationship between the horse and his rider. 


Institutional notes

U Black is an Italian manufacturing business born in Vicenza, in the North of the country, thanks to the love of horses of its founder, Lorella Casalatina. U black is a way of life, it is a unique experience. Pure black is the fil rouge of all of the collections which include accessories for the horse - blankets, saddle pads, bonnets, saddle covers, stirrup covers and bandages and for the rider - exclusive gold plated spurs.
The first collection, launched online last July, was born with the goal of expressing the pleasure of an emotion that comes through a product, the pleasure of wearing a pure and indomitable emotion. It is passion: passion for horse-riding, but also for the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.


Text and photos provided by U Black

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