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Sean Lynch: Sleepover!

Saturday, 11 April 2020
When at home...

Photo © private collection Sean's truck ready for a sleepover!


Missing the shows, Daniel Deusser’s show groom Sean Lynch tries out if a sleepover in his new truck might help… 



"I’m sure many of us show grooms who are away every week often are heard saying something like ‘I never see my apartment or bed’ blah blah. Well it’s happening and I think to myself, ‘wow I really miss my truck’. A bit like when you were a small child and your mum told you ‘take a nap’ and you refused – yeah, that’s right, missing out now! Almost the same! 

Seeing as I work for Stephex Stables we actually have very good trucks. We change a lot, they get sold, we get new ones. After being here for 5.5 years, I tried my luck and asked the big boss if I could have one with more living seeing as I’m away a lot (bet he regrets that now). So just before Gothenburg I got a new truck with a big pop-out living, a huge bathroom a big bed and a huge sofa!

I drove with my home groom to Gothenburg, so it was the first trip, and even if I only slept in the bed one night before flying back to Belgium to get ready for Doha I was in heaven! And when Doha came to an end I was so, so, excited to go to the Dutch Masters as I was going to be in my new truck, living my best life! 

Photo © private collection All set up.

Little did I know that the world was taking a huge turn for the worse and things didn’t happen. I got half-way, turned around with a tear in my eye knowing I was going to have to sleep in my own bed, in my house, for I don’t even know how much longer! 

So, I decided to do a little sleepover! Camping out! I’m guessing that like most of us if we got stranded in the truck for a week somewhere we have enough snacks, drinks, coffee and toiletries than a supermarket! So, I had no stress with that!

I mean, I didn’t set the truck up like I would at the shows, but the pop-out was out, I got sushi from the supermarket (yeah that’s right sushi counter in the supermarket) and I was set for the night! 

But then waking up, opening the door and being at Stephex it just doesn’t feel the same! What does one do to be entertained…? To go from Monday-Tuesday at home to leave again, fly here, fly there, get back and forget your name sometimes! 

Photo © private collection Morning views!

Social media and Netflix I’m guessing have never seen so much action! Me, I love a good tv series so I don’t mind! I recommend “The Good Doctor” on Amazon Prime – best thing I have ever seen! 

We are fortunate enough to have a gym on site here! With the needed precaution we are never too many people, always keep our distance and we always wipe the machines before and after use... breaks up the evenings... Who knows, maybe I will be a different person when we make it back to the shows... Until I eat too many snacks and gas station food!

Also managed to get good son points this week ordering my mum and grandpa food online to be delivered to England! You have to look after the elderly these days (sorry mum, I mean you are a spring chicken at heart) right? It’s my 30th bday soon so I’m hoping to get a bigger present!

Until then, stay safe, wash your hands, keep your distance, stick to the rules – then we can be back up and running on the shows and complaining that we miss our apartment and our days off before we know it! 


P.S Daniel Deusser: I will never complain about being away so much again, I promise! I mean for this year anyway!"

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