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Alex Tyler-Morris and Terri Fitton: This mare and Harrie really deserved the win!!!

Sunday, 10 May 2015
Longines Global Champions Tour Shanghai 2015

Terri and Alex

After walking around last night feeling like I was on a quest for the Holy Grail, all for a bottle of whiskey, this morning did not start as I might have hoped.

Woke up around six in the morning, yes the clock did say 6.00 it's not a joke! Once I had organised myself after finally getting out bed I managed to get downstairs for the shuttle bus for what I convinced myself was 6.30. Although the shuttle had gone already. I managed to get in a car together with Sean (Lynch) which actually turned out to be a lucky thing for me.

With all the air conditioning here I'm suffering with a bit of a cough, like everybody else. So when I was sat in the car I had bit of a cough but I had a bottle top in my hand and ended up inhaling and somehow managed to get it stuck in my throat. Once I had managed to get Sean to understand what was happening using some kind of sign language I coughed the bottle top back up. So it was a great start to the day. Nearly death by bottle top!

Once in the stable it was time to do all the normal stable duties, feeding, cleaning the boxes and rolling the bandages.

Harrie didn't come to ride in the morning so I had to lunge both horses. While I was making one ready for lunging Charly came around with the morning coffee. Which is always appreciated!

After lunging both horses it was time to start plaiting Walnut for the class. While I was plaiting listening away to my music I was cornered pretty much by one of the girls from GCT. They wanted me to do an interview for Global TV, but I couldn't really say no.

Walnut jumped the class and was clear but not so fast, but jumped good. Terri had Van Gogh and he had one down but she said he jumped good.

After the class the TV camera came around to do the interview with me by my stables. It was no surprise that Terri tried her hardest to distract me! Busting out a few crazy dance moves, but I managed to keep a straight face and got my own back throwing her in the shavings while she was half way through plaiting Alien.

Grand Prix time came around and Terri and I were number 9 and 10 to go. Alien had two down and Regina was clear. In the second round was clear again so I guess the luck was on our side today. For the jump off, I won't lie, I wasn't so optimistic as there was eight in the jump off. I know Regina can be one of the quickest horses but I just wasn't sure today.

I have to say this mare is not normal!!  She completely blew me away today. She's such a trier. She might not have the most scope as maybe Emerald but she's careful and has the biggest heart of any horse I have ever known. Have to say I love this mare and I know I'm not the only one. It couldn't have been a better result to win the Grand Prix and this mare and Harrie really deserved the win!!!

Terri did the blog yesterday and won the big class and I've done the blog today and won the Grand Prix. So there could be a little fight in the morning to see who's doing this blog tomorrow! 



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