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Equine 74 Gastric: Interview with Theo Molenaers - A healthy stomach makes a happy horse!

Wednesday, 23 March 2022
Advertisement by Equine 74 Gastric

Theo Molenaers "I'm feeding Equine 74 Gastric as a prophylactic ingredient to all horses. Since I started doing this, I haven't been seeing my vet quite as often," Theo Molenaers says.

What do top riders and horse people Nayel NassarLaura Klaphake and Theo Molenars have in common? They pay attention to the signs of their horses' stomachs and try to find the optimal solution so that the well-being and performance of their sporting partners do not suffer.

If our horses are in good spirits, performance comes automatically!

- Theo Molenaers -


Theo Molenaers is one of the biggest horse dealers in Belgium and also a very successful breeder. He produced Holsteiner stallions like Dinken, Commanchi and Clicksem. He had enough of the repeated Omeprazole cures, which didn’t do anything to prevent the formation of gastric acid. He tried out the long-term alternative to Omeprazole, which specifically buffers excess stomach acid, preventing equine gastric ulcers. And what did he find? His horses showed more freedom and suppleness when ridden. They were in very good spirits, he told us.

Theo Molenaers’ horses experienced the positive effects that have been shared by many others. He found benefits in replacing quick-fix medications with natural feed supplements. Remember: success doesn’t come overnight, but it will be more sustainable.

Theo Molenars Theo Molenars found benefits in replacing quick-fix medications with natural feed supplements.

Equine 74: You are internationally active as a horse trader and breeder. Have you ever encountered gastric problems when dealing with horses?

"In my stables I've sometimes had horses with a very sensitive stomach. My vet at the time confirmed this assumption."

Equine 74: And how did you react?

"We responded by treating the horses with GastroGard. In the long run, however, I wasn't particularly thrilled about it."

Equine 74: Why not? Didn't you achieve the desired effect?

"Oh yes, we did. Omeprazol, the active agent, did quite clearly help. But I had no intention to use it continuously. First of all, because I wasn't convinced my horses should be fed this product all the time. Although Omeprazol, to put it simply, does block the mechanism pumping the gastric acid into the stomach, it does not address the underlying cause. Which is the excess gastric acid itself. Secondly, GastroGard is really expensive."

Equine 74 Gastric Make your horse feel happy inside! Natural Acidbuffer, optimized pH-level in horses stomach and gut that helps for better performance and satisfaction without compromise. Because good for your horse should also mean good for you! Order a free feed sample.

Equine 74: And how did you discover Equine 74 Gastric?

"At an event in Schleswig Holstein I talked to Christian Dietz, the CEO of Equine 74. He told me about his feed; then my business partner Jos Lansink and I tried out the feed. We were pleasantly surprised. After a while, all the horses felt more relaxed, with free movement, just simply better. I had a feeling they were in the best of moods."

Equine 74: So the performance of your horses has increased since they’ve been getting Equine 74 Gastric?

"Yes. Let me explain: Our sports horses today are subject to extremely high demands. They are forced to travel from one horse show to the next and frequently suffer from stress. It is our task to make sure that these top performers feel good all around. In which case they will perform almost automatically. Ultimately, this is what determines their market value. Continuously successful, healthy horses sell really well and are highly valued."

Equine 74 Gastric counteracts the effects of constant stress-related acid problems with high mineral acid buffering. Learn more.

Equine 74: So it sounds like you’re sticking with Equine 74 Gastric?

"Yes, very true! Because, ultimately, this means that I literally kill two birds with one stone. My horses are physically fit and in great spirits – which makes them valuable. Besides, I am saving a lot of veterinary fees. After all, I'm feeding Equine 74 Gastric as a prophylactic ingredient to all horses. Since I started doing this, I haven't been seeing my vet quite as often."   

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