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Inside the Rolex Grand Slam – with Thibaut Keller and Arturo Fasana

Friday, 25 November 2022
Inside the Rolex Grand Slam

Meet the next gen: Thibaut Keller

Photo © Hippofoto Thibaut Keller. Photo © Hippofoto.


Press release from Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping 



What are your plans, dreams and ambitions for 2023?

My ambition and plan for 2023 is to achieve a podium during the European Championships at Riesenbeck International in September. 

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

The proudest moment of my career so far was when I received the gold medal during the 2020 Junior Swiss Championships at Chalet-à-Gobet. The horse I rode was called Cosby, and I was very proud of our performance, as we did not touch one bar throughout the whole tournament.

How much are you looking forward to CHI Geneva and how confident are you feeling?

I hope to win the prestigious Land Rover U25 Grand Prix at CHI Geneva. However, as the world’s elite attend the event, I would be very happy if I made the top three, so a podium in my age category would be amazing. 

When did your love for show jumping start, and who has inspired you the most throughout your career?

I first got into horse riding and show jumping when I was 10 years old. My inspiration was the Dutch show jumper Jeroen Dubbeldam



The owner's lounge: Arturo Fasana

Photo © Arturo Fasana Arturo Fasana. Photo © Arturo Fasana.

What is your earliest equestrian memory?

I am Swiss-Italian, so I can link my first equestrian memories to when I was living in the Italian part of Switzerland, near Lugano. One memory I have is of some great show jumpers, including Graziano Mancinelli, Piero D'Inzeo and Raimondo D'Inzeo, not because I was fond of horses, but because when watching Italian television at that time, they were such big champions. These are the three champions that still come to my mind, and the first ones that introduced me to the equestrian world.

How did you become a top level owner in the sport?

First and foremost, I don’t come from a family in which I was brought up with horses, so I became a show jumping horse owner a little bit by chance. When my daughter decided to take up horse riding for her enjoyment, I bought her a six-year-old in Ireland called Castlefield Eclipse, which was my first top level horse. It is thanks to Eclipse that I discovered my interest and passion for show jumping. I also discovered that I enjoy being surrounded by the very best riders and that I strive to achieve great results. Eclipse competed at the Olympics in London in 2012, then won in St. Gallen, and then received a bronze medal with the Swiss team at the European Championships in Aachen in 2015. So, I became an owner at first by chance but then my love for being an owner was fuelled by the results that my first horse Eclipse achieved.

As an owner, what is the proudest moment of your career so far?

The first memory that comes to mind is Edouard [Schmitz] and Gamin [Van’t Naastveldhof] winning in Dublin – that was something very special but also unexpected. It could be compared to a tennis player winning Wimbledon due to the tradition and the thrilling atmosphere of the show, which makes the competition so unique. Of course, there are other favourite moments, for example, when Eclipse made six clear rounds in the Nations Cup of Rome, Rotterdam and Aachen.



Always stay up to date with the Rolex Grand Slam ‘Second Screen’

The Rolex Grand Slam ‘Second Screen’ – designed exclusively for the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping – allows fans to follow their favourite horse and rider combinations using second screen technology. 

Launched ahead of The Dutch Masters 2021, the first equestrian Major of the year, the Rolex Grand Slam Second Screen technology has been supplying equestrian enthusiasts with the most up-to-date statistics for over a year. Viewers from over 50 countries have enjoyed the experience and are now utilising the technology before, during and after the Majors to gain a better understanding of the performances of their favourite equestrian pairings. 

The Rolex Grand Slam Second Screen technology was developed by a team of specialist experts at the Swiss company, Alogo. The company is known for its creation of analytical tools for the equine industry, including a range of cutting-edge products that quantify athletes’ performances. Through the web app, passionate equestrian supporters from around the world are able to see a host of real-time data, including live timings, faults acquired, as well as the order of go.

This service runs seamlessly alongside the Rolex Grand Slam online streaming platform. In addition, the Rolex Grand Slam Second Screen retains all of the statistics created for each Major, which allows users to look back at each of these iconic shows in more detail than ever before. The Rolex Grand Slam Second Screen also gives fans access to additional stats, such as which obstacles were knocked down the most, the number of riders outside of the permitted time and live timings during the jump-off, as well as information about the Rolex Grand Slam Live Contender. 

The Rolex Grand Slam Second Screen is the perfect addition to the live stream for equestrian fans wanting to know more about the four Majors that comprise the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping: The Dutch Masters, CHIO Aachen, CSIO Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’, and CHI Geneva. The Rolex Grand Slam Second Screen is free and available to use by clicking on the button below.



About the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping

The Rolex Grand Slam is considered by the sport to be the ultimate equestrian challenge, primarily due to the sporting prowess required to achieve this feat. It is a quest taken on by the world’s top riders, vying to secure the legendary status associated with winning the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping.

The format of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping is simple: anyone who wins three Majors in a row receives the Rolex Grand Slam trophy and a €1 million bonus on top of the class’s prize-money. If that same rider then continues their success by winning a fourth Major in succession, they will be rewarded with an additional €1million bonus. If two shows are won in succession, the bonus is €500,000 or if an athlete wins only 2 majors in a period of four successive shows, the bonus is €250,000.

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